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I am very pleased that DailyOM shared an excerpt of my new book. click on the link to go to DailyOM. They have many good articles.


http://www.dailyom.com/library/000/003/000003445.html  CLICK ON LINK FOR DailyOM


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Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Author Carole Lynne, Feeling Better, mediumship, practical action, Spirit Communication, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Education, Spiritual Priority, Spiritualism Religion, spirituality in action, They Don't Understand, Your Questions About Spirit.
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I wrote this book because many people have called and emailed me about spiritual experiences they are having. Or the loved ones of “emerging psychics” got in touch with me as they were either excited or scared to death by the experiences these emerging psychics were having.  I KNOW that this book will be of great help to anyone having psychic or mediumistic experiences. Click on the book cover, and you will be linked to Amazon where you can read all about this book.

Hope you read it. I wish someone had written this book for me 40 years ago. I could have used it and saved years of anxiety over my psychic gift.

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The Way We Were Then August 18, 2014

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One of the hardest challenges in life is accepting change and that things and relationships never stay the same. Of course we are joyful when the changes are wonderful and beautiful, but when the changes leave us feeling sad and alone, it is difficult to accept change.  When the changes are hard to accept, we want things to be “the way we were then.”  When we are in grief over change: be it the passing of a loved one, be it a change for the worst in a relationship or job, it becomes almost impossible at times, to move on into happiness once again.

Many of us become depressed as we are unable to accept that things are not the way they were, and in our lack of acceptance of the present, we miss all the beautiful things life has to offer RIGHT NOW IN THE MOMENT.

It goes without saying thaCarole Lynne Mauit when a death occurs, no one is going to be able to move into happiness for quite some time. But eventually, even when are in grief over the passing of a loved one, with time and patience, we will learn to accept our new life. We will learn to accept that things can never be the way they were then.

Acceptance and gratitude become our best friends when we are sad.

For many of us the anniversaries of the passing of loved ones or of relationships that ended, set off emotional upheavals. If we know that the anniversary of an upsetting event is coming up, perhaps we can plan something nice to look forward to during the time of the anniversary. In doing so we will be making a statement to ourselves, that even though it is a sad anniversary, it is the anniversary of something that did not happen today, but perhaps long ago.  TODAY we need to find happiness, even as we have sad feelings about the past.

Certain times of the year are more challenging than others.

Let us pray that all of us can find a way to find the blessings in life every day, mo matter what happened in the past. As we create more better days NOW, we are creating better memories to live with a week from now, a month from now and eternally.

Carole Lynne



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Spirit: What can we know? August 13, 2009

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Cosmic_Connection  Front Cover

As a psychic medium, I am often asked what the world of spirit is like.  And I have to answer to anyone who asks, that I can only share the impressions I have received when I have communicated with those in the world of spirit.  Just like people living on the earth plane,  those in spiritual form do not all give me the same impressions about the realm in which they exist.

If you have ever read any of my books, you know that I am very much aware of what is verifiable information about spirit and what is not verifiable.  If in a reading, I tell you that your father had brown hair, passed due to cancer, and grew up with three brothers, one of which is now in the spirit world with him: you can verify everything I have said about your father as being correct or incorrect.  But If I tell you that your father in spirit is showing me that he is surrounded by the spirits of the pets he grew up with, that is not verifiable by you or me.  We are not in the world of spirit.  There is no way we can verify this information.  Having said that, read on……

When I first realized I was a medium, I studied for many years with expert teachers. One of the things I learned is that if a medium, when giving a reading,  is able to bring alot of information about a person who is now in spirit, that is verified as correct by the person receiving the reading, then it is also possible that the information the medium is bringing from that spirit, that cannot be verfied is also correct, as the medium has proved that s/he is linking with spirit by having alot of correct verifiable information.

I have a hard time when psychics and mediums describe the world of spirit and insist that they are right about what the world of spirit is like.   While we can prove we are communicating with those in spirit by the verifiable information we receive, we cannot prove what the world of spirit is like.  We can have opinions based on our experience, we can have impressions, we can have incredible knowings about what the eternal life is like, but we cannot prove it.

If you read my book Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World, you will learn that I believe that an understanding of the world of spirit is beyond human comprehension, and so our human minds need to create ways of describing the world of spirit.  That is why we have so many different religions and spiritual groups. We do not all perceive eternal life in the same way.  But from my point of view, and this is an opinion, not a proven fact:  if we can go beyond all of our descriptions of the world of spirit and realize that only our souls can know the truth about eternal life, then we are beginning to realize how sacred and mystical the spiritual realm is. Perhaps the poets do the best job of describing eternal life, as poets are not literal. They use words that evoke images and feelings and give us a quick glimpse into our souls which know all about eternal life.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



The Sacred Practice of Spirit Communication June 8, 2009

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When we, who are still living in physical bodies, are granted access to communications with the spirits of those who have passed on into eternal life, we have reason to give grateful thanks to a power greater than ourselves.  From my perspective as a psychic medium, when I am able to open up a part of my consciousness and enter the sacred space of communication, it is a real blessing for me, for the spirits and for those who receive messages from the spirits through mediumship.

At times on radio and television, spirit communication may look like a parlor game or entertainment. This is due to the quick messages that we must give. And while there is a great purpose for us to do mini-readings on the radio, on television and in chat rooms, it is important that the general public understand that having a private reading in person or on the phone, or even a small group reading with an experienced medium, is a totally different experience in which you will receive a more in depth message from a loved one who has passed on.  Of course there are always exceptions, and sometimes in a message given on the radio or on television, the experience may be incredible and a great deal of healing may take place. But generally speaking, if one wants an in depth reading, make an appointment for a private or small group reading.

The other day I was doing a reading for a woman on the phone, who praised me when I brought a good piece of evidence about a loved one who has passed over by saying “Oh, that was a hit.”  And when I brought a piece of information that she could not understand she said “Sorry, that was a miss.”  Halfway through the reading, I was beginning to feel like I was playing baseball rather than communicating with the world of spirit.  I finally suggested to my client that we not evaluate each comment that I made in terms of “hits or misses” and allow ourselves to enter the sacred space of spirit communication.   It was good that I made this comment, because as the client and I entered a more sacred space, the spirit blended with us in a totally different way, and now we were getting better messages from those in spirit. And in fact, there was also more factual information embedded in the messages. At this point, we were not interrupting the flow of the communication from spirit with quick evaluations of each point made.  Instead of feeling like I was in the middle of a spelling test, I was involved in the miraculous environment of spirit communication.

Now I could not blame my client for originally creating the atmosphere of a ball game or spelling quiz, as that kind of portrayal of spirit communication may be what she has been used to experiencing on the radio,  television and in some demonstrations of mediumship.  It becomes all too easy for both mediums and those who receive readings, to experience the communication as a game.  Because we are bringing evidence about those who lived in order to prove that we are communicating, it does become necessary to evaluate whether the evidence is correct.  But hopefully there is a way for us as mediums to blend so deeply with the spirits of those who have passed over, that the messages that come through will flow naturally and will contain factual information that in fact proves we are in communication.

Communication with those who have passed on is very sacred, and hopefully we can find ways to communicate with our loved ones that reflects our gratitude for the opportunity to communicate.

Author and Psychic Medium Carole Lynne



Sharing Our Secret Spiritual Experiences December 2, 2008

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Right now I am in the process of having a new manuscript reviewed by a group of people who may possibly write endorsements. (book to be published spring 2009)   One of the main themes in the manuscript is my sharing of spiritual experiences that I have kept secret for many years, due to the fear that people would not understand or believe me.   I felt compelled to share my story in this manuscript as I had a sense that there must be millions of others who have also had experiences they were afraid to share, and my hope was, as I began to write, that I could encourage others to be more open with their own experiences.

WELL, it is already happening and the book is not printed yet. Those who are reviewing the manuscript are emailing me to tell me they have had similar experiences and have also been “afraid to tell.”  I feel happy and excited, as I know that my spiritual guidance has impressed me to write about my experiences and now as I move forward with this book I will have the opportunity for many people to share their stories.

In fact, if you have a story to share you do not need to wait until my book is published, but simple share your story in a comment below.

It is my hope that our blog community becomes a place for sharing. We need to share our spiritual experience. We need to express our spirituality.


Psychic Medium Carole Lynne     www.carolelynne.com

Spirit Helped My Friend Understand my psychic/mediumship November 12, 2008

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HI friends,

I am working in San Francisco right now, and have been spending time with a friend who has never had any understanding of what I do.  When I have spoken about being a psychic and a medium, she has told me that she accepts what I do, but does not understand it.

Yesterday as I was getting ready to try to explain to her what is involved in giving a psychic/intuitive or mediumistic reading, the world of spirit was very kind to me.  Although I usually do not do what I call “readings on the run” (giving advice or information outside of a formal reading appointment)  I made an exception. Spirit suddenly gave me accurate visions about a situation my friend was going through in her life.  The information was correct, and my friend had a first hand experience about what it is like to receive information and guidance from the world of spirit.

NOW my friend understands what I do. If I had tried to explain my work to her, I could have talked until I lost my voice, and she might never have understood. But by having the experience of receiving correct and helpful information she now understands my work.

It was a win-win situation. She understands my work and she received good advice. I now have a friend who is not resistant to hearing about my work.

I am extremely grateful to spirit for helping me express myself.  And although, I do not like to break my rules and give unscheduled and unsolicited advice, I allowed myself to give the impromptu reading in this case as it was for a very good friend, AND I needed this friend to understand my work.


Have any of you had similar experiences?  Please add your comments.


Psychic Medium Carole Lynne    www.carolelynne.com

Others Do Not Always Understand Our Experiences November 1, 2008

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Life used to be easier for me socially before I came to understand that I was a psychic medium.  I always knew I was psychic and at times knew what others were thinking, but I did not begin to have visions of those from the world of spirit until later in my life.  I worked as a musician, and coach for performers and public speakers.  When people said “what do you do” in a social situation, I had an easy answer.

Now it is different.  In fact when people ask “do you work or what do you do” I am anxious before answering.  In the past year I have learned to say “I am going to tell you, but what I do is a bit different from the jobs most people have. I am a psychic medium.”  The reactions vary from “what is THAT” to “do you see any spirits near me at the moment?”   Those who are shocked and do not want to continue the conversation with me simply say “Oh that is very interesting.” Then they find a way to end the conversation as quickly as they can without being totally rude.

People either have an incredibly good reaction and want to know more, or they are not interested at all.

For those of you who have psychic and mediumistic experiences and share them with others: what kinds of reactions do you get from others?