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Fearless October 6, 2009

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This is a time in history when we must become fearless: like spiritual warriors on the path.  The media has become a haven for manufacturing fear, and those of us who are sensitive to energies and vibrations from other realms than the merely physical realm which can be seen, this is a time to practice caution when watching the news.  The news is daily spewing out negative and fearful energies.  It is also not good for us to stick our heads in the sands of denial and stop reading or watching the news. It IS a time to choose news programs wisely and take what is said with a grain (or perhaps a tablespoon full) of salt!

This is both a difficult and extremely exciting time in history.  If you are interested in helping to solve the problems of the world, this is YOUR time to swing into action.  The me-me-me vibes of past times are dissolved, and it is now time for us to understand WE ARE ALL ONE.

Get involved in community action and even if you do not have enough money, share as much as you can with charities who feed and house those who have nothing.   Do not hoard what you have out of fear of the future.

If you feel fearful, focus on the Light of the Divine, and you will experience the transformation of your fear into powerful energies that can be helpful to our world.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



We Are All Mother’s of the Earth Let Us Not Escape into Cyberspace May 8, 2009

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As we approach Mother’s day, it is a day that we think about caring for others. That is what a mother must do for her children.  On Mother’s day let us all find a way to find the mother instinct within. Every woman and man has the instinct of a parent.

As we find ourselves so comfortable in “cyberspace” I sometimes wonder if we are going more inward into technology, because we fear that being outside will ultimately not be safe. Sometimes I wonder if children are so involved in computers and in cyberspace because they know that the new world will not be as safe outside as it has been for generations past. When I have these feelings, I hope I am wrong.

I pray that we can seriously once again learn to take care of the earth, and all be mothers to the earth.

Carole Lynne

Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World

People were so happy buying books to help feed hungry babies in India….. April 13, 2009

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There are hungry children all around the world, and if it makes you feel too sad to read these words, please try to keep reading anyway, as there is SO much that each one of us can do without spending much money at all. Yesterday I was part of an event where people bought books in order to help feed babies in Southern India. If you could have seen the smiles on people’s faces as they paid their money. I have never seen people so happy letting go of their money, other than at an incredible sale at Feline’s Basement in Boston, or at a fantastic yard sale.  The point is, people like a good deal and people like to help others.  In a fundraiser yesterday at a Spiritualist Church in Salem, New Hampshire, people were given a great opportunity to help others and buy books.  It was a win win situation.  I had my new book for sale Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. This book is about honoring our own unique spiritual experiences and about evolving spiritually so that we can each make better choices for our troubled world.  I want to use this book at events like the fundraiser yesterday. The book IS about spiritual evolution, and so it should be used to help others.  I enjoyed the fundraiser yesterday, and we raised enough money to put one new baby in the feeding program, and when a few more dollars are raised to add to the funds raised yesterday, we will be able to add a second new baby to the feeding program in Southern India.

As a Spiritualist minister and medium, I serve many Spiritualist churches in the United States. As an author of four books, when I do book signings at churches, I often donate a box of my books and then all the monies received during the sale of the books goes to the Babies Need Food project, which is sponsored by our family charity: The Rani Roberts Memorial Corporation.  Every time we raise between $125 and $150 we are able to put another baby into our feeding program in southern India, which feeds a baby for the first two years of life.  Yesterday, at the Spiritualist Church in Salem, Massachusetts, people bought books knowing that every penny would go to buy formula and medications for needy babies. We are fortunate to have family members that do all of the administrative work in the foundation, so that all monies collected can go to buy food and medications.

I thank the Spiritualist Church in Salem, New Hampshire for their support.

I know that many of you already give what you can to charity and hopefully all of us will continue to give all that we can during these hard financial times.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




Babies Need Food Event in San Francisco Bay Area November 17, 2008

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Bravo to Karen Zeppa for gathering people together to raise money for our family charity: Babies Need Food.  With the money raised yesterday, we will able to add three more babies to our program and provide them with formula and needed medications for two years. To check out this charity visit www.babiesneedfood.org.

We gathered together for a demonstration of spirit communication provided by yours truly. Kendra was gracious and opened up her home for the gathering.  Thank you Kendra. And thanks to Kelly for supplying the flier and Jenna for providing transportation for me to and from the event.  And Valerie for bringing extra chairs.

When I have received all the pictures of the event I will post some on this blog and some on my website,


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