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Carole Lynne is a psychic medium, musician and the author of three books:

Heart and Sound (book and CD package)

How To Get A Good Reading From A Psychic Medium

Consult Your Inner Psychic (book with enclosed CD)

Visit carolelynne.com and bestpsychicmediums.com to learn more about Carole Lynne.

MODERATED BLOG:  Because many of those who visit this blog may be coping with the loss of a loved one, this will be a moderated blog to protect those in grief.   Comments may be posted almost immediately or not until the following day.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Know that I try hard to respond to every post, but occasionally a few posts will come in at once and I may miss a post, not see it, and therefore not respond to it. Please know that it is my intention to respond but I will not be perfect in managing this blog. Thank you so much for all your posts. My hope is to build a supportive spiritual community on this blog.


 Website: www.carolelynne.com


Email: carolelynne777@carolelynne.com

Phone: 617 964-0058


1. Nora - August 22, 2008

Hi Carole,
I am delighted to see that you have your own blog now. It is very good and I am sure will attract comments from the many others who are interested in the topics that you have introduced. It is good to find a balance between our spiritual, mental/emotional and physical selves and you have included something very helpful in each of those areas.
At 78 years of age, I have just joined a gym and started training along with a mixed group of age ranges from mid thirties to late seventies, and there is a good camaraderie as we work together with mutual encouragement and motivation. I agree totally that the feeling of wellness is great after physical exercise – I may not make the Olympics unless a section is provided for octogenarians! in 2012…
I like your sections on dealing with grief and spirit communication very much

2. Mario Aranda - December 22, 2008

HI Carolelynne!Now is the time.Peace be still…..

3. Carole Lynne - December 22, 2008

Hi Mario,

GREAT to see you on the blog. Come back often and add your comments to the various posts.

4. shannon - January 27, 2009

Are all spirits that make noises in ones home earth bound spirits? Do spirits at a higher level also play pranks or is that unique to earth bound ones?

Carole Lynne - May 27, 2009

Dear Shannon,

I cannot give an answer that will cover all of the spirit phenomena where one hears noices suspected to be caused by spirits. I would have to evaluate each occurance in terms of whether this is a true spirit communication or noise caused for some other reason. If I were to be in a location and sense the presence of someone in spirit who is causing a noise, then I would have to communicate with that spirit and find out why he or she is communicating. Then I might know if the spirit felt lost or was simply interested in getting my attention for some other reason.

As a psychic medium, I hesitate to make statements about why this or that happens. I prefer to experience actual communications with those in spirit, and then comment on what I sense is happening.

5. rudrappa agadi. - May 14, 2009

dear Carole: Thank u for yr mail and I am happy that I am not wasting yr time. Like you, I also want the people to be more spiritual, have lot of morals, soul-conscious and truth seekers. But if I talk about all this, they do not understand and think that I am a renunciant. But here in India people are becoming more materialistic crazy and money minded whereas the Oriental West is strictly leaning towards more spirituality, since they know the limits of material life and for higher evolution, the path of God Almighty is the only one and none else. I am also happy that the present President of USA Sri.Obama is also a spiritual person which is good for your country and sometimes, I think he may be incarnate of Abrahim Lincoln, since Sri.Obama being a black and elected by you white people. But I have read in one book that Abrahim Lincoln in his Past Life was a Saint in the Holy Himalayans, whose mission was to Free the Blacks from the ills of slavism which was horrible during those days. I found your blog and I am glad to see your photograph where your eyes suggest of a deeper soul personality with God given talent and intellect. What I hope that both India and USA learn from each other, i.e. Spirituality from India and the Civilised way of living from the West, which will make the earth a good place to live. Karmically, both India and USA have some link, since Columbus who went to invent India reached the West and called them red Indians and presently we are seeing that both countries are united in fighting the ills of Terrorism. I love USA and their democratic, social and humanitarian values and in my Next life, would like to be born in West only, since I am fed up here with Corruption, Casteism, Communal hatred, Pollution, Greed and utter poverty.I have some mental problem, and would inform in my next mail. With love, yours sincerely – rudrappa.

6. Carole Lynne - May 27, 2009

I not only hope that India and the US learn from each other, but that we all realize that We Are All One and that all peoples learn from each other. As we reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness, only then will we be able to make better choices for our world. Only then will we find war, poverty and hunger unthinkable. We will find better ways to work together.

7. Vivek shah - February 24, 2012

Dear Ms Carole
This is my first visit to your site . Basically just 3+ months back i lost my uncle in a very young age of 55 whom i love and respect a lot .
I just not able to get out of the shock because his demise was very sudden. i want to communicate with him and tell him how much i am missing him and love him needs his guidelines can you help me pls.
vivek shah

Carole Lynne - December 12, 2012

Based on my experience, if you send thoughts to the spirit of your uncle, he will hear you. Know that all in eternal life are safe.

Carole Lynne

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