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Do you LOVE your day job? If not, consider visualization AND practical action. July 21, 2009

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~~Why can’t we all find a job that we love and that also pays enough?~~

To make money, I used to fold envelopes and work in a toy store in the 1960ies, so that I could work as a musician in the evenings.  There was a saying among musicians “Don’t give up your day job!” Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to make a living doing what we love most and some of us have to have day jobs or night jobs that allow us to do the work we love on the side as it does not provide enough income to support us.  Successful musicians, artists, writers, and photographers who can actually make a living wage doing what they love, are fortunate indeed.  Why can’t we all find a job that we love and that also pays enough?

Many of us believe that by visualizing the job we love, it will somehow magically fall into our laps with the salary of our dreams.  And while visualization helps to motivate us and draw to us that which we desire, visualizations must also be accompanied by very practical actions that will carry us into the lives we dream of and the jobs we desire.

Here are some spiritual AND practical tasks that you can do in order to have a job that you love.


First you must totally accept whatever kind of work you are doing at the moment, even if it is work you dislike.  Right now this work is paying your bills, and if you have a negative attitude while doing the work,  you are surrounding yourself and others with negative energy.   This kind of energy is not helpful to you at all and you are certainly not able to help the world.  LOVE the work you are doing at the moment, and know that you will be working towards having different work in the future.   As you get in touch with the positive energy within, you have made the first step towards the life you want.


Make an assessment of your current financial situation.  If you needed to, are there ways you could spend less money NOW so that you can save towards your future new life?  If you are going to leave the work you are doing now and take the risk of doing something else which may pay you less money for awhile, you will need a “nest egg.”  You need to build a savings account of enough money to live for six months or longer if you do not have sufficient income.  Look at every penny you are spending now and give up buying anything that is not absolutely necessary. When you pass the coffee shop without spending five bucks on coffee and a piece of cake, know that you are doing this for a good reason. You are saving money in order to have the opportunity to take a financial risk at a later date.


As you visualize doing the work you love the most, also take time to research what skills and experience are required to be hired. Do you need additional education in order to get the job of your dreams? If you have the education and skills you need, that is wonderful. If not, then your first step will be to get the additional educatio.   And if the work you love the most will require you to start your own business or go into business with several others, research what the costs will be and how  much income you will need to make in order to pay both your business and living expenses.  If you are going into your own business, ask your self the hard questions: “Will I have to work at least part time at some other job as I start my own business?  Can I save up enough money to support myself for a year as I get my own business going? These are tough, but important questions.

Walk Your Talk, One Step at a Time on the  Spiritual Path

Once you have accepted your current job, accessed your current financial situation, and researched how much education and financial savings you will need before either applying for the job you love or starting your own business, you are ready to start walking your talk on the spiritual path!

While it is easy to imagine the job of your dreams, and it is important for you to visualize your finding the work you love and creating the life you want,  it is also necessary to do the hard work involved in reaching your dreams.  You will need to call on your inner spirit to motivate you and stimulate you to do the things you need to do, which will not always be fun.

Remember that each one of us is a spark of Divine Consciousness, and as you look within to your inner spirit, you will find that spark that connects you to the Divine.  Pray and meditate everyday on your dreams. Also give thanks for that which you already have and remember that while you are working towards your dreams, you will still be able to reach out to others who need your love and your help.  Be balanced in body, mind and spirit.  Take good care as you choose the foods you eat, and the exercise that you do each day.  Lead a good and wholesome life as you work towards your dreams.  You will reach your destination and have the job of your dreams.  But remember each day you live on the way to your dreams, is just as important as the day you reach your goal.   Who knows, when you reach your goal you may see another goal in the distance.  Life is a day to day process.

Enjoy the process. Enjoy the walk.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



Holiday Message and Predictions from Psychic Medium Carole Lynne December 20, 2008

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I am not usually a psychic medium who is willing to make predictions, but this year I feel impressed to do so.   The Guidance that I feel around me tells me that it is time for all of us to “buckle up our spiritual seat belts” and get ready to take an incredible ride.  There will be many opportunities for spiritual growth in the next year and in the years to come.  Those of us who focus on walking the spiritual path need to get our own spiritual houses in order so that we may act as anchors of light for others. There will be many great awakenings in the next year where people who have been centered on themselves and centered on material possessions, will be called upon to change their ways.  For those who have always had things their way and have always had everything they want instantly, change is going to be difficult.   We must support others as they need to change.  Each one of us will also need to make changes, and so when we need help we must call on each other.

You do not have to be psychic to know that we have and will have great financial challenges in the next year or so.  You do not have to be psychic to know how important it is for us to make choices that help our world to stop the pollution that threatens our planet earth.  Money will not flow as easily as before, and we will have more evidence that our planet is in danger and we must act NOW rather than waiting to have more proof that we have a problem with the environment.

We are going to be called on more than ever to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our personal lives, our neighborhood, our community, our state, our country and our world.  The days are over when we can just lay back and let “them” take care of everything.  Our world leaders  and our governments cannot solve all our problems. The God of our understanding cannot protect us from the bad choices we make.  We are going to be asked to help in a way that we have not been asked for many years. The time has come for all of us to become involved in helping our world: each in our own way.

Each one of us must face our local, national and world challenges and find ways to do our part.





A Prayer for the Holidays

Let us first of all send our prayers and healing thoughts to all those who have lost loved ones and who are in deep grief.   We know how hard it is to be missing a family member at this time and we send you our love. Let us also send our prayers and healing thoughts to all those who are ill, in poverty or depressed.  We pray that better times reach you soon.

Let us be grateful for all of our friends and family and wish them the very best for the holiday season and for the new year. Let us be grateful for every breath we take, knowing that breath is life. Let us look for the goodness in every person and in every moment, knowing that there is something that can be learned even in difficult situations.

Let us laugh and remember not to take ourselves, others or life too seriously. It seems that when we get a chance to meet the great Gurus, they are often laughing.  Perhaps life can be very spiritual and incredibly funny all at the same time.

So be it.

I extend a personal thank you to all of you on my email list and who visit our blog. I thank you for your communication through out the year.   You are important to me and please receive my gratitude.

Carole Lynne