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Looking in Our Own Eyes

LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Look into your own eyes. Realize that each time you try to FIT IN to a role, situation or relationship that you really do not want, you are giving up part of yourself. And as you give up part of yourself, that uses up a lot of vital energy within you.WHAT would you do with that energy that is now being wasted as you try to fit in? How would you “spend” that energy if you could free that wasted energy up from having to do the horrible job of trying to make you be someone else?

Of course there ARE some situations and relationships that you are not going to leave for good reason. But if you are like me and many of those I consult with, there IS room for improvement in your personal journey: the journey to become more of who you really are. And there ARE many roles, situations and relationships that you CAN change.

I think of myself as being very different. And perhaps this is a fantasy as maybe most people think they are different. Perhaps we are all the same in that we all think we are different. No matter what the answer to this riddle is: we can all become more of who we really are!

I have come a long way in being who I am. When I was younger never would I have imagined that as an older person I would be a psychic medium out there in the world: a working medium and a published author. I know many people who are psychic and mediumistic who are afraid to admit their spiritual gifts even to themselves. I remember the years when I was deciding if I was willing to write books, be on television and radio and be know publicly or remain a kind of closeted medium that very few people would find out about.  It was a bit scary to come out as a psychic medium. Not everyone was going to approve of me, some people would say I was a freak or wacko.

LET US ASK OURSELVES LIFE CHANGING QUESTIONS: What would my life look like if I was being more of who I really am? Would I still be working in the same kind of job. would I be working at all, who would I be spending time with, what would my schedule look like, what relationships would I let go of and what kinds of relationships would I be looking for? WHAT WOULD CHANGE? There are as many answers to these questions as there are people who are willing to look themselves in the eyes and ask the questions.

LIFE IS SHORT SO DO NOT WAIT: I kinda understood that life is short when I was younger, but with years of experience as a psychic medium communicating with the spirits of those who have passed on, I really know that life is short.  And with years of comforting clients who are mourning the passing of a loved one: I know now that life is short.  Of course I have also been in deep grief over the passing of my own loved ones, and each time another of my family or friends makes a transition into eternal life, I learn once again that life is short. 

Don’t misunderstand this message. It is not a message that begs you to turn your whole life upside down in a day. It is a message that says “LOOK INTO YOUR OWN EYES AND SEE WHO YOU ARE. BECOME MORE OF WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE AS LIFE IS SHORT.”


Music Washes Stress Away May 29, 2014

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Music, more than anything, helps me change my mood and my level of stress, when I am in one of those “falling apart all over the place” moods. I do not have them often, but they do happen.

Here is a chant that I composed for my students and for myself to listen (and sing along with). This chant is about peace.




Those are a couple of the lines.

Click on the link to go to the Carole Lynne SoundCloud page and listen to “Walk With Me in Peace.”

click here for WALK WITH ME IN PEACE music

Hope you enjoy it.

Carole Lynne






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There are days when I find myself rushing around the house, or rushing from one place to the other in the car. When I stop and ask myself “DO YOU REALLY NEED TO RUSH” the answer is often NO.  I am rushing because it is a habit.

TAKE JUST A COUPLE MINUTES: Listen to this meditation. It helps me and may help you to let go of your thoughts and go into a different state of consciousness.  You may find yourself in touch with your inner spirit (inner voice) that may be so much wiser than your conscious mind. I find when I do this short meditation, I stop rushing so much. I am more aware that I really DO have the time I need.

START SOUND: If Beyond Mind Meditation does not start immediately, click orange button to left above title.

Carole Lynne









3 Ways to Reduce Stress March 2, 2010

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The first way to reduce stress is to set boundaries. The second way to reduce stress is to set boundaries, and the third way? You got it: set boundaries.

Create SCHEDULE boundaries: Instead of creating a schedule where you can get the most things done is a week, ask yourself if everything you want to get done really NEEDS to get done!  Do you really have to have the most fabulous meals, a perfect hairdo and nails, and do you need to take on so many activities that it causes you to have to go to therapy, the chiropractor and the massage therapist each week, because you are SO stressed out? Duh? What if you cut down on your activities? Perhaps you would not need ALL those therapeutic appointments?

Create COMMUNICATION boundaries: I am sure you are capable of talking on the phone, writing an email and watching the news ALL at the same time. Many of us have learned to double and triple task, and then we wonder why we are so mixed up about what we have said to people and what they have said to us.  We expect ourselves and others to mentally grasp four communications at the same time.  When you stop to think about what we do, it is insane.

Tell your family that when you are on the phone it is not ok for them to interrupt you four times.  Tell your friends that they can no longer expect you to get back to them four times a day.  Stop twittering and tweeting and get your life back again.  Remember when you knew yourself? Remember when time to yourself was important? Are you ready to give up being obsessed with constant communication with people?

Create MATERIAL boundaries:   Are you sick of having so much food in the refrigerator that you can’t find the peanut butter? Are you sick of having so many clothes that you can’t find the black top you want to wear?  Do you realize that the clutter in your home, in your car and in your workplace, is making you a nervous wreck?  Some of us have so much stuff that it is easier to go the the grocery store or the clothing store to find the item that we already have in the house, but can’t find. The store is better organized than we are, so we go there to find what we need!

I am speaking to you, and I am speaking to myself. Let’s make life simple. Let’s get our lives back again.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



Tough Love in Current World Crisis October 20, 2009

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I do not believe the world is going to end anytime soon, but I do think we have some world issues that need our full attention.  This is a time when we need to look at our personal energy as if it were money in the bank and ask ourselves “what is the best use of my energy?”

Many of us who see ourselves as people who walk the spiritual path have soft hearts for those with problems, and we do more than our fair share as we try to help our friends through difficulties.  Many of us have also come to the point where we realize that it is a waste of energy to help some people because they are not willing to do their part: they are not willing to make choices to better their lives.

Especially during this time on the earth, it is more important than ever to evaluate how we spend our valuable energy.  With world communications as they are, we are now AWARE of how many starving people there are in the world. We are now AWARE of the problems in our ecological system.   So I ask myself and I ask you to ask yourself: “What is a better use of my energy: to try to keep helping people who are not willing to help themselves, or to spend my time on social projects that help communities who are truly in need?”   “What is a better use of my time: to help a friend who never learns or to help a child with his homework?”  “What is a better use of my time: to argue with people who are not willing to face the ways they are abusing themselves, or to work a few extra hours each week and donate the money to a community that has next to nothing?”   You and I only have so much personal energy.  How are we going to spend this energy?

There comes a point where we cannot help people who are not willing to help themselves. Of course there are exceptions as there are people who are absolutely not capable of helping themselves. But in this instance we are discussing those who CAN help themselves but do not choose to do so.

It becomes a waste of our valuable life energy to continue to spend energy on those who do not receive any benefit from continual attempts to be helpful.

I ask myself again “How am I going to spend my personal energy?” I ask you :How are you going to spend yours?”

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne

Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World, Consult Your Inner Psychic, How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic Medium and Heart and Sound.



Summer Stress Reduction Lesson August 12, 2009

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The last few weeks in August are for many of us a time to slow down a bit.   Hopefully we can catch some rays of sun and enjoy some hours of relaxation before the busy fall begins.

Summer can teach us a lesson: slower is often better. In our fast paced world, many of us create stressful lives.  It goes without saying that there are times for all of us when it is almost impossible to avoid extreme schedules.  But each of us needs to take a good look at our lives and the way we schedule activities, to see if there is a way to simplify our schedules.

I have had times in my life where I have been so busy that I have not been able to enjoy anything. Even a lunch out with a friend has been spent with both of us complaining about how busy we are.  We share huge sighs about all the problems of life and how we are coping. Of course life has its problems, but do we need to focus solely on our problems?

Can we find times to enrich our lives in a way that allows us to have something to talk about with our friends other than problems?

We are body, mind and spirit.   Let us nourish all parts of ourselves, and remember that ultimately we are spirits living in physical bodies.   Let us be more aware of the spirit within, and we may find that we are spending more time in relaxing uplifting activities.   We may find that we can have some summer-like days through out the year.

Psychic Medium and Inspiration Author Carole Lynne



Spiritual Stress Busters August 5, 2009

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Spiritual development is the most effective way to reduce stress.  Of course exercise, nutritious diet, good sleep and time management are also very important in an all over stress reduction plan.  But without a close connection to the God of your understanding, the most important component for reducing stress is missing!

As we feel closer to the Divine, we understand that life is continuous, and so we will be learning, growing and solving problems for the rest of our lives on earth, and then as our spirits move on to eternal life, we will continue to learn and grow spiritually.   This being the case, there IS no end and so we might as well relax, solve our problems as we are able, but always reserve part of the day for pure enjoyment and for communion with Divine Consciousness.

Stop trying to get it right. Stop trying to have the perfect life.  And in very tough times, know that you can still enjoy the day. People with disabilities and those with terminal illnesses are the best teachers of stress reduction.  Being faced with extremely difficult situations, they have learned to accept life as it comes and get the most out of every day.

Pretend that this month is the last month of your life: How would you want to spend your time?  Worrying about every little thing? I don’t think so! Being busy every second? I don’t think so! Spending most of your time with people you do not like being with? I don’t think so.  Practice this useful exercise every now and then and gain perspective on how you really need to live. Start changing your life step by step.  And as you do so, reserve some time each day to look within and feel the essence of your spirit which is a spark of Divine Consciousness that connects you to the Divine.

And today? Have a lovely day whatever happens.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



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How to Help the Helpless April 28, 2009

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It is very important and yet difficult to help those who are not able to help themselves. First of all, we need to understand in the specific case of a helpless person, what is the best kind of help to be given.

If there are a group of people who are starving, then the answer may be to give money to a reputable organization that can use the funds to purchase food for the hungry. If there are people who are homeless, unless one can provide a home (which many of us cannot or do not feel comfortable offering) then the best way to help might be to either volunteer time to an organization for the homeless, or give funds to such an organization.  Sometimes the best way to help the helpless is through an organization dedicated to helping a particular group of people.

When someone we know personally needs help, such as a family member of close friend, then we need to find out from that person what will be most helpful.  If our loved one is recovering from  surgery would it be helpful to bring food? If so, we need to find out what kind of food the person is advised and likes to eat, or our food will simply take up room in the refrigerator and never be eaten.  If the person needs to have someone walk the dog or feed the cat, then we need to know if we can do that j0b, or if someone else needs to help in that way.   If the person needs shopping done, perhaps that is the thing to do.   When getting a list of the person’s needs, it is important to organize a group of family or friends so that as large a number of people as possible share in the helping activities.  As one person, it becomes too difficult to keep up with all of ones own responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of a loved one who for the moment, cannot do their own chores.   Sometimes the best way to help a loved one in need is to organize a group of “helpers.”

It becomes harder to know how to help a helpless person who really could help themselves if he or she was motivated to do so.  We all know people who through lack of courage, moral stamina and determination, bring themselves into a place of despair that they could get themselves out of.  From my point of view, these people need a spiritual lift into an energy of hope. They need a psychological understanding that they are responsible for themselves.  In many of these cases, we advice people to seek medical help or to see a therapist. When the person refuses, it becomes very difficult to know how to help a person who will not help themselves.   I sometimes reach a point where my only choice is to pray for a person in such despair, as my phone calls and visits do not seem to provide much help. In these cases, I also have to put a limit on the number of phone calls and visits I make, because ultimately I can also become depressed and frustrated.  However, I do not wish to stop communication, but must set limits.  Sometimes we must set limits with people who could help themselves but do not.

Helping others is an important part of the spiritual path for each one of us.  It is difficult to make time to help others and often difficult to share our money. But unless we are starving ourselves and unable to take care of ourselves, we must make both time and money, within our own limits,  available for those in need.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




The Queen of Double Tasking Stresses Out December 11, 2008

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I admit it. I can cook dinner, check my email, return phone calls and clean up the house—ALL at the same time. I respond to almost all emails the same day, return phone calls within 24 hours, and find ways to do readings, write books, and travel to do demonstrations of mediumship. I am great at finding a way to schedule all this BUT I am very stressed out.  I am going to have to give up my crown and no longer be the Queen of Double Tasking.  It is time for me to do one thing at a time, focus on the one thing, and enjoy whatever I am doing.  Right now, I am really enjoying writing this post and I am not listening for my phone at the same time. THIS is a small change, but it is progress.

I know I will show my age when I tell you that I remember the days before there were any telephone answering machines. If you wanted to reach someone, you might be dialing ALL day until someone picked up the phone. It IS less stressful to be able to leave a message now that we have answering machines.  But I am not sure that having my cell phone on all the time and being in constant contact with the world is best for me or for any of us.

Before cell phones I spent many a morning taking a walk to find a beautiful spot where I would sit down and write the lyrics of a song.  My time outside was so important to me. Now I find myself on the computer instead of in the garden or walking along a beautiful road.

I would like to feel better and less stressed out.

HOW ABOUT YOU?  Do you double and triple task? Is this good for you?

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne        www.carolelynne.com