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Allowing the Presence of Spirit July 14, 2009

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My clients often tell me that they have a hard time feeling the presence of the spirits of their loved ones who have passed over.  Unfortunately many people are looking for spectacular signs from those in eternal life. They look for the Hollywood version of spirit communication.

When I do mediumistic readings for people and blend with the spirits of their loved ones in order to bring messages, nothing spectacular happens.  Lights do not flash on and off and pictures do not fall off the wall.  What I experience is quite subtle.  I just know that the spirits are there and I begin to see visions in my mind of what they used to look like. I begin to blend with their memories and just know things about their lives.  After I have given my clients the messages from their loved ones, I tell them that as they open to the presence of spirit, they will have the same experience I am having. They will just know the spirits are there.

It is natural for any of us to doubt it when we experience the presence of the spirit of a loved one. We become sure we are making it up because we long to hear from our loved one.  That is why it is so helpful to have a reading with an experienced medium.  If a medium, who knows nothing about your loved one, can tell you things about your loved one that are true, then you will know that the spirit of your loved one really has survived the change called death. This knowledge will make it easier for you to believe it when you feel the presence yourself.

I became a medium because the gift was suddenly given to me. But then I trained for years in Spiritualist organizations such as the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches and took courses with the Spiritualist National Union of Great Britain.  My education helped me to understand my gift and learn to use it responsibly.

I encourage you to be open to the presence of your loved ones. You do not have to be a medium. Just be open and allow the spirits of your loved ones to come to you.

Sharing Our Secret Spiritual Experiences December 2, 2008

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Right now I am in the process of having a new manuscript reviewed by a group of people who may possibly write endorsements. (book to be published spring 2009)   One of the main themes in the manuscript is my sharing of spiritual experiences that I have kept secret for many years, due to the fear that people would not understand or believe me.   I felt compelled to share my story in this manuscript as I had a sense that there must be millions of others who have also had experiences they were afraid to share, and my hope was, as I began to write, that I could encourage others to be more open with their own experiences.

WELL, it is already happening and the book is not printed yet. Those who are reviewing the manuscript are emailing me to tell me they have had similar experiences and have also been “afraid to tell.”  I feel happy and excited, as I know that my spiritual guidance has impressed me to write about my experiences and now as I move forward with this book I will have the opportunity for many people to share their stories.

In fact, if you have a story to share you do not need to wait until my book is published, but simple share your story in a comment below.

It is my hope that our blog community becomes a place for sharing. We need to share our spiritual experience. We need to express our spirituality.


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