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Rising Above Fear October 29, 2009

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As I have experienced fear and contemplated fear, it has been helpful to read the writings of Sri Aurobindo.  Here are words by Sri Aurobindo that I read in a booklet called Fear: It’s Cause and Cure

” ….love is inconsistent with the admission of the motive of fear. Closeness of the human soul to the Divine is the object, and fear sets always a barrier and a distance; even awe and reverence for the divine Power are a sign of distance and division and they disappear in the intimacy of the union of love. Moreover, fear belongs to the lower self, and in approaching the higher Self must be put aside before we can enter into its presence.”

When I am full of fear, it helps to be close to nature.  As I gaze at the ocean, the mountains, the sky or beautiful flowers, I can feel the love within my heart.  And as I feel the love, the fear begins to dissipate.

Check out the Sri Aurobindo Society Site at http://www.sriaurobindosociety.org.in/index.htm

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While Waiting For a Blood Test October 31, 2008

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I went to the hospital this morning to get a blood test as part of a routine check up.  I had fasted last night after eight , woke up several times during the night fearing I would not get up in time, did get up early and got to the hospital lab by 7:00.

As I sat in the waiting room reading a book by Sri Aurobindo, and thinking about how much his philosophy means to me,  I remembered how much I have changed in the past years. Before I became involved in both Spiritualism and in the reading of books by great spiritual teachers and philosophers such as Sri Aurobindo, I would have sat in this waiting room creating every fear I could possibly drum up.  Just being IN a hospital would have been enough to send me into “anxiety mode.”

These days I do not have that same fear. I know that my body simply houses my soul. Of course I do not want to get sick, and if and when I do, I am sure I will have many fears. But my general level of fear has diminished since I became more involved in spiritual life.  I realize now that my soul will always be free and whole no matter what is happening to my body.

If you feel anxious, I recommend reading spiritual books. They are a great help.

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