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COLOR OF MY SKY February 10, 2015

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow is it that the colors of the sky make such an impression on me. As I look through photographs I find so many pictures of the sky. Why do I take so many pictures of the sky? Perhaps because there is a part of my human soul that wonders “what is up there?”  Looking at the sky: be it dark and full of stars, be it cloudy and full of rain, or be it a sky that paints colors across itself as the sun goes down, the sky moves me and takes me outside my ordinary reality. I can forget myself and my individuality and become lost in the colors of the sky.  Can you?

Carole Lynne




Superficial Happiness or Lasting? June 9, 2009

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In today’s world where we are so aware of what is happening with people all over the planet, it is hard to be blissfully happy in our own little world, unless we want to shut out all news from those around the globe. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to travel around the world, or even to less fortunate neighborhoods in our own country, know that serious poverty exists. When we see pictures of starving children on television, we know that those children are real and that the flies that buzz around them are real.

How happy can one be sitting on the beach drinking an iced cafe latte, knowing that others are starving? While facing this question does not bring immediate happiness, facing and dealing with the problems of the world will ultimately bring a real spiritual happiness, which is the core of bliss.   The superficial happiness that comes when we can buy a bigger house or a diamond ring, is not a lasting happiness.  As we evolve into higher states of consciousness and begin to give more of what we have to others, then we can find a lasting happiness.

Let us all pray that we can take an honest look at our world and find ways to help others through our prayers and through donations of money, goods and time.  As we help others, we help ourselves. We evolve into a better world where everyone can benefit from the joys life offers.  It is often the poor who give to the poor, as they know what it is like to be in need of food, housing and clothing.  Those of us who are not in poverty need to imagine what it would be like to be living on the street, trying to get enough food for each day.

As we raise our spiritual consciousness, we come to understand that We Are All One.  None of us are separate, and that child across the world who is staving, is part of us.  When we go to sleep at night, in the background of our consciousness we see that truth and know that all of us are connected.  Let us learn to see the truth about the world when we are in the waking state, so that we can reach out more to help those in need.  Then we will find lasting happiness.

Author and Psychic Medium Carole Lynne



Where to Begin to Help the MOST Needy? June 4, 2009

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Although many people are involved in projects that help others, there are also many of us who are searching for ways to help those who are in dire poverty: those without safe places to live, food to eat and medical attention available.

As we begin our search for the best ways to help others,  sometimes we confront feelings that are difficult to cope with. It is only in facing ourselves and our feelings that we can move ahead and give to the world.

The following are suggestions in overcoming the obstacles to providing help:

Coping With Extreme Sadness: Many people who have visited parts of their own country or parts of other countries where they have seen people dying on the street, are gripped with such intense sorrow that it can be almost impossible to cope with.   For some of us this sadness is the first step in realizing that we must give up some of what we have to others.  For some of us the pain is so overwhelming that we have to turn our backs and say “There are so many starving people, that there is nothing I can do.”

Seeing others dying or in deep pain can also activate sadness about the difficulties we have had in our own lives.  When this happens we can either evoke compassion for our own problems and the problems of others, or we can become again so overwhelmed with our own problems that all we can feel is anger and we are not able to help either ourselves or others.

One of the first steps in helping others is to find a way to cope with the sadness we experience. If we cannot cope with the emotional pain, we will most likely turn our backs on those who are desperate.

Making An Assessment of What One Can Do: Everyone can be helpful no matter what their life situation. Some have money to give, others do not. Some have time to give, others do not. There is no one way to help. There IS a way for each of us to help depending on our own life circumstances.  If we have money, then it is time to identify where we want to donate: to charitable organizations, or perhaps to a friend we know who is desperate at the moment.  If we are barely paying our own bills, then we do not have much money to donate at all, but we can research organizations that need money, and start a campaign to raise money by contacting all of our friends and acquaintances who DO have money to spend.

Years ago, I used to give pot luck parties to raise money for charitable organizations.  Everyone brought a dish, the musicians in the group played some music, and everyone donated what they could to the organization featured that evening. When possible, a member of the charitable organization spoke to us about the needs of their group.  A good time was had by all, and money was raised for the charity.  We did not raise alot of money: a few hundred dollars, but every penny helps when the need is great.

Some have no money to donate, but alot of time on their hands.  I know people and I am sure you also know those who are volunteering their time to groups such as Meals on Wheels or who volunteer in a hospice.  My sister in law Julie is in China at the moment volunteering her skills as a physical therapist, teaching parents of disabled children how to help their kids. Another sister in law Sharon, creates paintings that she sells to raise money for Babies Need Food. I am sure you know people in  your family who work for others, and perhaps you do yourself.

Coping with Complainers: On the other hand we also know people with alot of time on their hands who spend most of their time complaining and do not do anything to help themselves or others.  Perhaps we can gentley suggest to our complaining friends that there are many community groups that could use their help. Or if we are one of the complainers then perhaps we need to give ourselves a swift “you know what” and get ourselves out  of our own misery. If I am a complainer, I could better use my time reading to those who cannot see, or visiting the senior center and helping out.

Understanding That GIVING is NOT Always Easy: There has been a great deal written in the past few years about being kind to people as in “random acts of kindness.”  Being kind on a daily basis is VERY important and this comment in not meant to be critical of daily kindness.  But let us now fool ourselves into thinking that smiling at someone in the supermarket is going to put food on the table of starving people.  Of course it is important to be kind to people everywhere, all the time.  But we need to do more than that, and not rationalize that we are doing our part for humanity by simply being kind in the supermarket or on the highway.

Giving is sometimes painful. Remember the moment in the movie “Ghost” when Whoopie hands over the million dollar check to the Salvation Army?  She keeps trying to let go of the check, but it is obvious by her facial expressions that this is VERY hard to do!

Have you ever given something you really love to another family member, and struggled as you let go of your favorite piece of jewelry? Giving is a challenge. I personally find it impossible to give up things of mine that are sentimental. I can more easily give of my time or make a donation. Give up some silly thing of mine that I love? No, I cannot do it yet. I am working on it.

Helping is a Win Win Project: If we are able to cope with the extreme feelings of sadness that seeing the world problems brings, and if we can access our own lives to determine the ways that we can help and the ways we cannot, then we are on the road to becoming more helpful. We all know how incredible it feels to be of service to others.  When we are helpful we get in touch with the aspects of our consciousness that are closer to the Divine.  It is this connection to a power greater than ourselves, that brings inner peace and happiness.  It does not matter what words we use: God, Higher Power, Divine, Beloved.

I have a long ways to go as I learn to be more giving.  How about you?

Author and Psychic Medium Carole Lynne



The Spiritual Evolution of the Human Race June 1, 2009

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Today is Monday June 1 and I heard Shaddhalu Renade speak in New York City on Wednesday night May 27. I am still deeply involved in my memories of the event.  Those in the audience wanted to hear something encouraging:  words of pr0mise that our planet and the human race will survive.  No matter what the question, Shaddlalu spoke of the need for human beings to reach a higher state of awareness and a higher level of consciousness. Having lived most of his life at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India and having studied the many works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, he speaks from the heart about the need for the human race to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. While I hesitate to talk about what he said, as I cannot quote him exactly, I am giving you my impression of his talk.

Many of those who attended seemed to be connected to organizations that are trying to make a difference in the world.  William Gellerman was there. He is the principal of the United Nations Climate and Energy Caucus. I cannot tell you what is in the deep thoughts of this man, but as he asked questions about our world, to me, he was seeking reassurance.

As I sat and listened, I knew in my heart that there is no reassurance.  The future of the world is in our hands.   We have not yet found a way to live together without war, pollution and poverty. And yet, if the world made up its mind to behave differently, we would find that there is enough food to go around, better ways to use energy, and ways to settle our differences without killing each other. But so far, we are a human race that has not yet  risen to the spiritual level needed for us to really change our ways. We make small changes. However, larger changes are needed now.  If we decide to make larger changes, we will as we have the power to change.

Many of us just accept that people will always fight with each other and it is understandable that each man and woman be out for themselves.  But it is this level of consciousness that has created a world that frightens many of us. Many of us accept our behaviors as human nature.  But human nature has been evolving for millions of years, so is it not possible for us to keep evolving, and make changes for a better world?

While positive thinking is all well and good,  and every one of us wants to be successful in our work, what can each of us do to change the world? Some of us do not want to keep bringing up world problems because there is the potential for people to think we are negative. Plus we know that people would rather hear happy thoughts rather than face problems. But ultimately each one of us may be truly happy if we feel we are doing all we can for the world.  Behind all our positive thinking and happy sounds is a background of world problems that need to be solved.  Sometimes we need to tune out those problems. But it may be in facing these problems that we can find a deeper happiness.

Many of us who work with others are trying to help our clients be successful and happy. But what about the whole world?  When faced with this question, I sometimes am able to cope with it and make plans for the things I can do to be helpful to the world, but another part of me does not want to give up my life and things I want to do to spend time on the problems of the world. I am sure many of you have this same conflict.

Shaddhalu was calm when he talked about the world.  He spoke about how many people are beginning to be more aware that we are all part of the Divine Consciousness. I walked away from the evening feeling that humanity and our earth is not about to disappear, but that we are in a serious crisis and we need to start paying more attention to our spiritual development.  It is only through spiritual unfoldment that we will become a human race that is capable of making different choices than we do now.

As I have said, I cannot quote him exactly and there is no video of this talk.  But to better understand his point of view about live, find his youtube  videos and listen to him.

I was very touched by listening to Shaddhalu.  However, having these deep feelings will mean nothing if I am not moved to take actions that are helpful to the world.

How do you feel about helping the world, and what actions can you take?

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne

Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World



Getting Up on the RIGHT Side of the Bed May 27, 2009

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If you want to avoid getting up on the wrong side of the bed, here are some suggestions for a morning spiritual practice.

Start the Night Before

A good morning begins with a good nights sleep the night before.  When going to sleep, say a prayer of thanksgiving for all the blessings in your life. We all have problems and some of us have terrible problems, but when going to sleep be thankful that you are alive and breathing and have a safe place to sleep.

Stretch Into the New Day

Before getting out of bed, take some nice relaxing breaths and stretch out a bit. Avoid jumping out of bed. Take it nice and easy for a few minutes as the first few minutes awake can set the tone for the whole day. If you had good dreams, be grateful. If you had unpleasant dreams, let those visions go and just accept that sometimes the mind processes our problems during our dreams.  Use this time to let go and stretch.

Save Ten Minutes for Spiritual Reading

Read an uplifting passage from any book that helps you to get into touch with the Divine spark within you.  As you read, remember that We Are All One and that no matter what happens as the day goes on, the spirit within you is there to make the best choices.

Give Thanks for the New Day

Give thanks to the God of your understanding for the new day, and commit yourself to being in as good a mood as possible all day.  Remind yourself that kindness is the best path and that at the end of the day, you will feel great happiness if you have walked the path of compassion.  You will not only have helped yourself, but your positive energy will have spread to others.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I have written these words for all of us, and I need to write these words and follow this morning practice myself.  They say “you teach what you need to learn.”

Psychic Medium and Author Carole Lynne

New Book: Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World


Cheerful Sounds from the Children Can Change Your Life May 16, 2009

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If you are bored, depressed or taking a negative view of life, even for a moment, you can listen to the songs of the birds and that will be uplifting.  But an even greater sound to listen to is the song, laughter and cheerful sounds of the children. If you have no children or grand children of your own around, it is worth a visit to your neighborhood playground, just to watch and listen to the children as they run, play, laugh, sing and invent a life that is worth living.

It has been said by many that we all need to remain “children at heart” as we grow older.

If we could all play the game of life as the children do, we would have more inventive and happy lives. Perhaps we can receive inspiration from the children because they have not been separated from the world of spirit as long as we have as adults. It was not long ago that their spirits were close to Divine Consciousness before being born into a physical body.   And we as adults, can also feel the joy of children if we can remember that we are each a spark of the Divine.  We only feel separate from the Divine if we forget where we have come from and who we truly are. Opening up to the spirit within each one of us, and realizing where we have come from, brings the same joy that we feel when we listen to the children laugh and play.

Psychic Medium and Author Carole Lynne

New Book: Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World