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COLOR OF MY SKY February 10, 2015

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow is it that the colors of the sky make such an impression on me. As I look through photographs I find so many pictures of the sky. Why do I take so many pictures of the sky? Perhaps because there is a part of my human soul that wonders “what is up there?”  Looking at the sky: be it dark and full of stars, be it cloudy and full of rain, or be it a sky that paints colors across itself as the sun goes down, the sky moves me and takes me outside my ordinary reality. I can forget myself and my individuality and become lost in the colors of the sky.  Can you?

Carole Lynne




Costumes October 31, 2009

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Once a very wise and creative friend said to me “No matter what anyone wears, it is a costume.”

Each time we get dressed we express who we are.  We express something about our culture, our family and if we are independent enough to dress the way we like: we show off our own style.

Some of us have too many clothes hanging in the closet: wanting an abundance of choices when we dress to go out.  Dressing can be a creative and artistic adventure.

Halloween with its inventive costumes is one of the most popular days in the year for children AND adults.  It is not just the small children who dress in colorful costumes, but their parents and even sometimes their grandparents.  It is a day of total freedom to be who you want to be and dress flamboyantly.

Hope you have fun this Halloween.

Psychic Medium and  Inspirational Author Carole Lynne


Feeling Scattered? September 18, 2009

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Sometimes I feel as if I know what I am doing: my plans and goals are clear. At other times I feel scattered and aware that I do not know or understand where my life is going.  It it much easier to feel organized, but there is a gift to be received during the time I am not sure about my life. In this state I am more flexible and open to new ideas.  While my mind may be jumping from one thought to another, there can be a hidden freedom if one looks deep enough into confusion to find creativity.

Just at the moment I feel the most confused, I may within the next second find a path never before found.  I need to take life as it comes and find creative solutions and enlightenment in these confused times.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne