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How to Get a Good Reading October 21, 2009

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how to get good reading frontIf you want a good reading, have a reading for the right reasons, find the right reader, and know that the attitude you bring into the reading plays a big part in the success of the session.

Unfortunately, many people book readings without know what KIND of reading they have booked.  Some who want to hear from the spirits of loved ones who have passed on, book an astrological reading when it was a mediumistic reading they should have booked.  Someone who wants a past life reading, books a reading with a psychic who does not do that kind of work.  Before booking a reading, write down the reasons you want a reading, and find a reader who can give you what you need.

In the opinion of this author, (and there are certainly those who would disagree) you will have a much better reading with a professional who is not trying to give you seven kinds of reading, mish-mashed into one.   I do not want to receive a reading from someone who is going to give me a psychic reading, a past life reading, with a bit of astrology thrown in and a few quick messages from my mother in spirit.  This kind of reading can be confusing, and it is doubtful that the reader is really experienced in any of the modalities being used.  Sometimes I fear that readers who offer to do ten things in a reading, do so as they are not expert in any one.  When I have had such readings, I have come out confused. I feel like I have just eaten Chinese, Indian, and Spanish food all mixed into one dish and the flavors are overwhelming and do not compliment each other. While there has been alot of drama and even excitement during the reading, I can’t put the whole experience together and use it in a positive way.

If I have a mediumistic reading, I want the reader to focus the whole reading on connecting with my loved ones, and I want a medium with lots of experience.  If I want an astrological reading, I want a reader with someone who has studied astrology for many years.   I would not go to a dentist who promised to fill a cavity, and give me an eye examination at the same time, would I?

Decide what you need and find a reader who can give you what you need.  Once you have done that, work on your own attitude. If you are skeptical that is fine, but go into the reading with a positive attitude, ready to listen and receive. If you are not ready to listen, then do not bother having a reading.  Also, as you listen, avoid spending your whole time arguing with a medium.  Of course, express your opinions, but if you spend your time arguing over small things or details the medium brings  (“No my Dad did not wear a three button suit, it was two button, or yes my mother did go to France, but only once, so why are  you telling me this?) you might as well not have a reading.  Or if you are seeing a psychic, do not waste your time being too picky about the information (Yes, I did go to college, but it was only for three years instead of four, so what is the point of you telling me I went to college, when I did not graduate). The psychics comments about you going to college, may be leading to another very important insight from the psychic, but if you spend five minutes arguing, the psychic may not even remember what the important point is. 

If you book a reading with the right reader and enter the session with a good attitude, your reading can be life changing.  I have had several readings that have helped me to find my spiritual path and that have proved to me that life is continuous. A good reading is a blessing.  Learn about readings and about your role in a reading, before booking a session.


Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne

Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World, Consult Your Inner Psychic: Make Your Life Work Better, How to Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium and Heart and Sound. 


Allowing the Presence of Spirit July 14, 2009

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My clients often tell me that they have a hard time feeling the presence of the spirits of their loved ones who have passed over.  Unfortunately many people are looking for spectacular signs from those in eternal life. They look for the Hollywood version of spirit communication.

When I do mediumistic readings for people and blend with the spirits of their loved ones in order to bring messages, nothing spectacular happens.  Lights do not flash on and off and pictures do not fall off the wall.  What I experience is quite subtle.  I just know that the spirits are there and I begin to see visions in my mind of what they used to look like. I begin to blend with their memories and just know things about their lives.  After I have given my clients the messages from their loved ones, I tell them that as they open to the presence of spirit, they will have the same experience I am having. They will just know the spirits are there.

It is natural for any of us to doubt it when we experience the presence of the spirit of a loved one. We become sure we are making it up because we long to hear from our loved one.  That is why it is so helpful to have a reading with an experienced medium.  If a medium, who knows nothing about your loved one, can tell you things about your loved one that are true, then you will know that the spirit of your loved one really has survived the change called death. This knowledge will make it easier for you to believe it when you feel the presence yourself.

I became a medium because the gift was suddenly given to me. But then I trained for years in Spiritualist organizations such as the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches and took courses with the Spiritualist National Union of Great Britain.  My education helped me to understand my gift and learn to use it responsibly.

I encourage you to be open to the presence of your loved ones. You do not have to be a medium. Just be open and allow the spirits of your loved ones to come to you.

The Sacred Practice of Spirit Communication June 8, 2009

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When we, who are still living in physical bodies, are granted access to communications with the spirits of those who have passed on into eternal life, we have reason to give grateful thanks to a power greater than ourselves.  From my perspective as a psychic medium, when I am able to open up a part of my consciousness and enter the sacred space of communication, it is a real blessing for me, for the spirits and for those who receive messages from the spirits through mediumship.

At times on radio and television, spirit communication may look like a parlor game or entertainment. This is due to the quick messages that we must give. And while there is a great purpose for us to do mini-readings on the radio, on television and in chat rooms, it is important that the general public understand that having a private reading in person or on the phone, or even a small group reading with an experienced medium, is a totally different experience in which you will receive a more in depth message from a loved one who has passed on.  Of course there are always exceptions, and sometimes in a message given on the radio or on television, the experience may be incredible and a great deal of healing may take place. But generally speaking, if one wants an in depth reading, make an appointment for a private or small group reading.

The other day I was doing a reading for a woman on the phone, who praised me when I brought a good piece of evidence about a loved one who has passed over by saying “Oh, that was a hit.”  And when I brought a piece of information that she could not understand she said “Sorry, that was a miss.”  Halfway through the reading, I was beginning to feel like I was playing baseball rather than communicating with the world of spirit.  I finally suggested to my client that we not evaluate each comment that I made in terms of “hits or misses” and allow ourselves to enter the sacred space of spirit communication.   It was good that I made this comment, because as the client and I entered a more sacred space, the spirit blended with us in a totally different way, and now we were getting better messages from those in spirit. And in fact, there was also more factual information embedded in the messages. At this point, we were not interrupting the flow of the communication from spirit with quick evaluations of each point made.  Instead of feeling like I was in the middle of a spelling test, I was involved in the miraculous environment of spirit communication.

Now I could not blame my client for originally creating the atmosphere of a ball game or spelling quiz, as that kind of portrayal of spirit communication may be what she has been used to experiencing on the radio,  television and in some demonstrations of mediumship.  It becomes all too easy for both mediums and those who receive readings, to experience the communication as a game.  Because we are bringing evidence about those who lived in order to prove that we are communicating, it does become necessary to evaluate whether the evidence is correct.  But hopefully there is a way for us as mediums to blend so deeply with the spirits of those who have passed over, that the messages that come through will flow naturally and will contain factual information that in fact proves we are in communication.

Communication with those who have passed on is very sacred, and hopefully we can find ways to communicate with our loved ones that reflects our gratitude for the opportunity to communicate.

Author and Psychic Medium Carole Lynne



When Your Mother is in Spirit May 10, 2009

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My mother is no longer living in a physical body, and that makes mother’s day different than it used to be.  While my relationship with my mother was difficult, I still miss her very much. She was not well emotionally most of my life, and so life with mother was complicated.  But I still miss her.

Fortunately, I have learned that life is eternal and so I know the spirits of all my loved ones are around me.  When I discovered that I was a medium and could communicate with those in the world of spirit, my whole view of life changed.  Life for me now, is an extended spiritual path way that goes on forever.

What has been most interesting for me is to experience the evolution of my mother’s spirit.  When I first experienced her spirit soon after she passed into eternal life, her consciousness felt restless to me. Now when I experience her spirit, she seems peaceful.  I would say that all this is wishful thinking on my part if I did not do readings week after week and have people validate the information that comes through.  As I receive messages for my clients from the spirits of their loved ones, I have the continual opportunity of having the afterlife validated, again and again and again.   For me, this is a blessing.  Otherwise, I might not believe my own spiritual communications with my own loved ones in the world of spirit.

So on this Mother’s Day, I send a special greeting to all who do not have mother’s living in the physical any longer. I pray that you can feel the presence of your mother’s spirit.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




People were so happy buying books to help feed hungry babies in India….. April 13, 2009

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There are hungry children all around the world, and if it makes you feel too sad to read these words, please try to keep reading anyway, as there is SO much that each one of us can do without spending much money at all. Yesterday I was part of an event where people bought books in order to help feed babies in Southern India. If you could have seen the smiles on people’s faces as they paid their money. I have never seen people so happy letting go of their money, other than at an incredible sale at Feline’s Basement in Boston, or at a fantastic yard sale.  The point is, people like a good deal and people like to help others.  In a fundraiser yesterday at a Spiritualist Church in Salem, New Hampshire, people were given a great opportunity to help others and buy books.  It was a win win situation.  I had my new book for sale Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. This book is about honoring our own unique spiritual experiences and about evolving spiritually so that we can each make better choices for our troubled world.  I want to use this book at events like the fundraiser yesterday. The book IS about spiritual evolution, and so it should be used to help others.  I enjoyed the fundraiser yesterday, and we raised enough money to put one new baby in the feeding program, and when a few more dollars are raised to add to the funds raised yesterday, we will be able to add a second new baby to the feeding program in Southern India.

As a Spiritualist minister and medium, I serve many Spiritualist churches in the United States. As an author of four books, when I do book signings at churches, I often donate a box of my books and then all the monies received during the sale of the books goes to the Babies Need Food project, which is sponsored by our family charity: The Rani Roberts Memorial Corporation.  Every time we raise between $125 and $150 we are able to put another baby into our feeding program in southern India, which feeds a baby for the first two years of life.  Yesterday, at the Spiritualist Church in Salem, Massachusetts, people bought books knowing that every penny would go to buy formula and medications for needy babies. We are fortunate to have family members that do all of the administrative work in the foundation, so that all monies collected can go to buy food and medications.

I thank the Spiritualist Church in Salem, New Hampshire for their support.

I know that many of you already give what you can to charity and hopefully all of us will continue to give all that we can during these hard financial times.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




American Federation of Spiritualist Churches Convention 2008 December 5, 2008

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Hi Friends,

I am about to leave for Plymouth, MA where I will spend the weekend attending the annual convention of the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches.  I am very happy to be part of the religion of Spiritualism as my experiences in this religion have changed my concept of life.   In my early days in the religion, I received many readings and got the proof that I needed, that life is continuous, and that when the physical body dies, the consciouness of the individual continues on in eternal life.

Since my early days, I have had many years of experience developing my own ability to give mediumistic readings, and I have done alot of light trance work where I have received messages that I believe to be from a higher source.  The messages I have received have been life changing.

One of the things I like most about Spiritualism is that our churches serve people from all religions and all walks of life.   Sometimes people from other religions come and see us for a year or so after the passing of a loved one.  We do not try to convert them if they are happy in their religion.  We help them through the grief process with our services of spiritual  healing and our sacred mediumistic messages.

Some who come to the religion of Spiritualism give up their former religion and become Spiritualists.  That is what happened to me.  I felt more comfortable with the principles of Spiritualism than I had felt in the religion of my early years.

There are many good Spiritualist organizations.

American Federation of Spiritualist Churches

National Spiritualist Association of Churches

Spiritualist National Union of Great Britain

All of these organizations offer correspondence courses, so if you are interested, let me know and I will help you find them. If you use Google, you can also find them on your own.

So I am off to convention.

Do you have any questions about Spiritualism?


Psychic Medium Carole Lynne          www.carolelynne.com