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Spirit: What can we know? August 13, 2009

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Spiritual Education, They Don't Understand.
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As a psychic medium, I am often asked what the world of spirit is like.  And I have to answer to anyone who asks, that I can only share the impressions I have received when I have communicated with those in the world of spirit.  Just like people living on the earth plane,  those in spiritual form do not all give me the same impressions about the realm in which they exist.

If you have ever read any of my books, you know that I am very much aware of what is verifiable information about spirit and what is not verifiable.  If in a reading, I tell you that your father had brown hair, passed due to cancer, and grew up with three brothers, one of which is now in the spirit world with him: you can verify everything I have said about your father as being correct or incorrect.  But If I tell you that your father in spirit is showing me that he is surrounded by the spirits of the pets he grew up with, that is not verifiable by you or me.  We are not in the world of spirit.  There is no way we can verify this information.  Having said that, read on……

When I first realized I was a medium, I studied for many years with expert teachers. One of the things I learned is that if a medium, when giving a reading,  is able to bring alot of information about a person who is now in spirit, that is verified as correct by the person receiving the reading, then it is also possible that the information the medium is bringing from that spirit, that cannot be verfied is also correct, as the medium has proved that s/he is linking with spirit by having alot of correct verifiable information.

I have a hard time when psychics and mediums describe the world of spirit and insist that they are right about what the world of spirit is like.   While we can prove we are communicating with those in spirit by the verifiable information we receive, we cannot prove what the world of spirit is like.  We can have opinions based on our experience, we can have impressions, we can have incredible knowings about what the eternal life is like, but we cannot prove it.

If you read my book Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World, you will learn that I believe that an understanding of the world of spirit is beyond human comprehension, and so our human minds need to create ways of describing the world of spirit.  That is why we have so many different religions and spiritual groups. We do not all perceive eternal life in the same way.  But from my point of view, and this is an opinion, not a proven fact:  if we can go beyond all of our descriptions of the world of spirit and realize that only our souls can know the truth about eternal life, then we are beginning to realize how sacred and mystical the spiritual realm is. Perhaps the poets do the best job of describing eternal life, as poets are not literal. They use words that evoke images and feelings and give us a quick glimpse into our souls which know all about eternal life.

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