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Aloha Wisdom and YOUR tone of voice September 14, 2011

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Let us each listen to our own tone of voice as we speak to others.  When we speak, words are carried to the ears of those we speak to, but what is even more important than the words we say, is the energetic vibration that fills those words.  As we speak we may be sending either love, irritation, anger or sadness to the person spoken to.  We can fully understand what we are sending to others by listening to the tone of voice we are sending at each moment.

“He Olina eo Ka Ke Aloha”  This says “Joy is in the voice of love” and is a quote from a wonderful little book called “A Little Book of Aloha” by Renata Provenzano.  Renata, a Holland born international journalist and traveler, is fascinated by the Hawaiian Islands.  She has collected and shares with us many of the Hawaiian Proverbs that she finds beautiful and helpful.

I am also deeply fascinated by Hawaii, having been there many times, as my parents lived there most of my adult life. Hawaii became “home” to me and I have learned a great deal by listening to and learning to sing some of the Hawaiian songs.  The great thing about the Hawaiian language is that it is mostly made up of vowel sounds.  I know from being a singer and voice teacher for over thirty years, that it is the vowel sounds that carry the tone, whether we are speaking or singing. Just try to speak or sing a consonant without a vowel attached to it and you will understand the full implications.

Tone of voice is as important as touch.  When we speak with the sound of joy and love in our voices ,  we bring healing and comfort to those who listen to us.  When we speak with the sound of bitterness, aloofness, or anger in our voices, we make those listening feel uncomfortable, sad and sometimes scared.  When we touch, those we touch can either receive healing or aloof or negative feelings. Ever have someone shake your hand and although this was meant to be a friendly gesture, you felt cold and uncomfortable?

Let us listen to our voices and discover how we are truly communicating with others.

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Obama’s Grandmother in spirit November 5, 2008

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Before writing this post, I wish to make it clear that I am NOT making any claims what so ever to be in communication with the spirit of Obama’s grand mother who passed into eternal life several days before he won the 2008 Presidential election.  To do so would be very disrespectful. The thoughts that follow are born out of my perspective and experience as a psychic medium.

When I heard  that the grand mother who raised Obama for many years in Hawaii, was ill and close to leaving her body, I thought a great deal about the timing of what was happening.  While many people felt that this was an extremely inopportune time for her to start making her transition into eternal life, I had a sense that it was a great time for her.  I put myself in her place and wondered “If I were her spirit, and I knew that it was coming close to the time of my passing, would I want to pass before or after the victory election?”  My answer is that if I were her spirit, I would want to move close to passing before the election, give my grandson time to come see me, and then I would want to be free of my physical body, so that my spirit could travel and be part of the festivities. I would not want to be trapped in my physical body, but free to be part of the election, the victory and the celebrations.

From my perspective as a psychic medium, the spirit of Obama’s grandmother will be around him. Again, I am making NO claim about that possibility, but stating it because of all the readings I have done where evidence has come through that proves the spirit of a loved one is around the client I am reading for. I have every reason to believe that this woman, who loved him so much and did so much to help him become the person he is today, will be with him in spirit.  From my perspective, she will be around him to help him with his presidency.


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