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Superficial Happiness or Lasting? June 9, 2009

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In today’s world where we are so aware of what is happening with people all over the planet, it is hard to be blissfully happy in our own little world, unless we want to shut out all news from those around the globe. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to travel around the world, or even to less fortunate neighborhoods in our own country, know that serious poverty exists. When we see pictures of starving children on television, we know that those children are real and that the flies that buzz around them are real.

How happy can one be sitting on the beach drinking an iced cafe latte, knowing that others are starving? While facing this question does not bring immediate happiness, facing and dealing with the problems of the world will ultimately bring a real spiritual happiness, which is the core of bliss.   The superficial happiness that comes when we can buy a bigger house or a diamond ring, is not a lasting happiness.  As we evolve into higher states of consciousness and begin to give more of what we have to others, then we can find a lasting happiness.

Let us all pray that we can take an honest look at our world and find ways to help others through our prayers and through donations of money, goods and time.  As we help others, we help ourselves. We evolve into a better world where everyone can benefit from the joys life offers.  It is often the poor who give to the poor, as they know what it is like to be in need of food, housing and clothing.  Those of us who are not in poverty need to imagine what it would be like to be living on the street, trying to get enough food for each day.

As we raise our spiritual consciousness, we come to understand that We Are All One.  None of us are separate, and that child across the world who is staving, is part of us.  When we go to sleep at night, in the background of our consciousness we see that truth and know that all of us are connected.  Let us learn to see the truth about the world when we are in the waking state, so that we can reach out more to help those in need.  Then we will find lasting happiness.

Author and Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




How to Help the Helpless April 28, 2009

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It is very important and yet difficult to help those who are not able to help themselves. First of all, we need to understand in the specific case of a helpless person, what is the best kind of help to be given.

If there are a group of people who are starving, then the answer may be to give money to a reputable organization that can use the funds to purchase food for the hungry. If there are people who are homeless, unless one can provide a home (which many of us cannot or do not feel comfortable offering) then the best way to help might be to either volunteer time to an organization for the homeless, or give funds to such an organization.  Sometimes the best way to help the helpless is through an organization dedicated to helping a particular group of people.

When someone we know personally needs help, such as a family member of close friend, then we need to find out from that person what will be most helpful.  If our loved one is recovering from  surgery would it be helpful to bring food? If so, we need to find out what kind of food the person is advised and likes to eat, or our food will simply take up room in the refrigerator and never be eaten.  If the person needs to have someone walk the dog or feed the cat, then we need to know if we can do that j0b, or if someone else needs to help in that way.   If the person needs shopping done, perhaps that is the thing to do.   When getting a list of the person’s needs, it is important to organize a group of family or friends so that as large a number of people as possible share in the helping activities.  As one person, it becomes too difficult to keep up with all of ones own responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of a loved one who for the moment, cannot do their own chores.   Sometimes the best way to help a loved one in need is to organize a group of “helpers.”

It becomes harder to know how to help a helpless person who really could help themselves if he or she was motivated to do so.  We all know people who through lack of courage, moral stamina and determination, bring themselves into a place of despair that they could get themselves out of.  From my point of view, these people need a spiritual lift into an energy of hope. They need a psychological understanding that they are responsible for themselves.  In many of these cases, we advice people to seek medical help or to see a therapist. When the person refuses, it becomes very difficult to know how to help a person who will not help themselves.   I sometimes reach a point where my only choice is to pray for a person in such despair, as my phone calls and visits do not seem to provide much help. In these cases, I also have to put a limit on the number of phone calls and visits I make, because ultimately I can also become depressed and frustrated.  However, I do not wish to stop communication, but must set limits.  Sometimes we must set limits with people who could help themselves but do not.

Helping others is an important part of the spiritual path for each one of us.  It is difficult to make time to help others and often difficult to share our money. But unless we are starving ourselves and unable to take care of ourselves, we must make both time and money, within our own limits,  available for those in need.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




Earth Day Every Day April 21, 2009

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As we approach Earth Day on April 22, we need to remember that Earth Day must be an Every Day event in our lives.  We can no longer sit back and blame “THEM”  for using up the earths resources, as it is “US.”  There is no “THEM” to blame.

It is only through spiritual unfoldment and opening to the wider aspects of our consciousness that we are likely to make the huge changes that we need to make on this planet. In order for us to change, we have to think less about our personal desires and more about what is good for the world as a whole.   Coming to this state of mind is very difficult and without spiritual growth, we will only make minor changes in our lives.

Today and every day each one of us must ask ourselves “What can I do today to help the world? What can I do to reduce the carbon-footprint on this earth?  What can I do to help people who do not have enough to eat? What can I do to help our world learn to find solutions to disagreements?

We need to evolve into human beings that find war, poverty and pollution unthinkable. This will only come as we evolve spiritually.

Carole Lynne author of “Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World”




People were so happy buying books to help feed hungry babies in India….. April 13, 2009

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There are hungry children all around the world, and if it makes you feel too sad to read these words, please try to keep reading anyway, as there is SO much that each one of us can do without spending much money at all. Yesterday I was part of an event where people bought books in order to help feed babies in Southern India. If you could have seen the smiles on people’s faces as they paid their money. I have never seen people so happy letting go of their money, other than at an incredible sale at Feline’s Basement in Boston, or at a fantastic yard sale.  The point is, people like a good deal and people like to help others.  In a fundraiser yesterday at a Spiritualist Church in Salem, New Hampshire, people were given a great opportunity to help others and buy books.  It was a win win situation.  I had my new book for sale Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. This book is about honoring our own unique spiritual experiences and about evolving spiritually so that we can each make better choices for our troubled world.  I want to use this book at events like the fundraiser yesterday. The book IS about spiritual evolution, and so it should be used to help others.  I enjoyed the fundraiser yesterday, and we raised enough money to put one new baby in the feeding program, and when a few more dollars are raised to add to the funds raised yesterday, we will be able to add a second new baby to the feeding program in Southern India.

As a Spiritualist minister and medium, I serve many Spiritualist churches in the United States. As an author of four books, when I do book signings at churches, I often donate a box of my books and then all the monies received during the sale of the books goes to the Babies Need Food project, which is sponsored by our family charity: The Rani Roberts Memorial Corporation.  Every time we raise between $125 and $150 we are able to put another baby into our feeding program in southern India, which feeds a baby for the first two years of life.  Yesterday, at the Spiritualist Church in Salem, Massachusetts, people bought books knowing that every penny would go to buy formula and medications for needy babies. We are fortunate to have family members that do all of the administrative work in the foundation, so that all monies collected can go to buy food and medications.

I thank the Spiritualist Church in Salem, New Hampshire for their support.

I know that many of you already give what you can to charity and hopefully all of us will continue to give all that we can during these hard financial times.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




Babies Need Food Event in San Francisco Bay Area November 17, 2008

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Bravo to Karen Zeppa for gathering people together to raise money for our family charity: Babies Need Food.  With the money raised yesterday, we will able to add three more babies to our program and provide them with formula and needed medications for two years. To check out this charity visit www.babiesneedfood.org.

We gathered together for a demonstration of spirit communication provided by yours truly. Kendra was gracious and opened up her home for the gathering.  Thank you Kendra. And thanks to Kelly for supplying the flier and Jenna for providing transportation for me to and from the event.  And Valerie for bringing extra chairs.

When I have received all the pictures of the event I will post some on this blog and some on my website,


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