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The Day After Mother’s Day Creating Peace if Need Be May 11, 2009

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For some of us, mother’s day was wonderful and beautiful. Hopefully we can give thanks today for the wonderful times we shared yesterday with our families.

For others, mother’s day was tearful and sad. My thoughts go out to all those in grief who no longer have mothers who are living in the physical body.  Know that your mothers are in the world of spirit and their spirits are around you. My thoughts go out to all of you who have living mothers or mothers in spirit whom you do not or did not get along with.  Your memories are difficult to cope with at times.  From my perspective as a psychic medium, your mothers in the world of spirit are evolving and raising their consciousness. And if your mothers are still living and you do not get along, consider finding peace with your mothers.  As a psychic medium, I speak with people everyday who did not make peace with their mothers before their mothers passed to spirit. These clients have a difficult time.  Although it is possible to make peace with your mother’s spirit  after she has passed on, if you still have the chance to do so while she is still living,  take this opportunity unless your anger is so great that it is not possible.

Some of us were sad yesterday because we are mother’s who have lost children.  My thoughts go to all of you who have lost children as this has to be the most difficult experience any human being, mother or father, sister or brother….can have.

This is a sad post, but it is important to remember that all of us have both wonderful and sad times on holidays.  Let us send our thoughts and our prayers to those who may have been in grief yesterday.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne, Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World




When Your Mother is in Spirit May 10, 2009

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My mother is no longer living in a physical body, and that makes mother’s day different than it used to be.  While my relationship with my mother was difficult, I still miss her very much. She was not well emotionally most of my life, and so life with mother was complicated.  But I still miss her.

Fortunately, I have learned that life is eternal and so I know the spirits of all my loved ones are around me.  When I discovered that I was a medium and could communicate with those in the world of spirit, my whole view of life changed.  Life for me now, is an extended spiritual path way that goes on forever.

What has been most interesting for me is to experience the evolution of my mother’s spirit.  When I first experienced her spirit soon after she passed into eternal life, her consciousness felt restless to me. Now when I experience her spirit, she seems peaceful.  I would say that all this is wishful thinking on my part if I did not do readings week after week and have people validate the information that comes through.  As I receive messages for my clients from the spirits of their loved ones, I have the continual opportunity of having the afterlife validated, again and again and again.   For me, this is a blessing.  Otherwise, I might not believe my own spiritual communications with my own loved ones in the world of spirit.

So on this Mother’s Day, I send a special greeting to all who do not have mother’s living in the physical any longer. I pray that you can feel the presence of your mother’s spirit.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




Carole Lynne shares article by Brian Vaszily re a GREAT NEW YEAR December 22, 2008

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Dear Friends,

Here is a great post from Brian Vaszily. I found this on www.intent.com and Brian gave me permission to post his article. I know that his ideas will help you to make the most of the past year and the next year.

Carole Lynne


The past is good for two things: the happy memories, and the lessons it provides. That is why as each year ends I partake in an intense experience that focuses on these values, creates an important sense of closure and helps greatly to ensure a happy New Year.

To embrace what is worthwhile from the previous year and leave the rest behind you – instead of holding onto grudges and regrets, as so many unfortunately do much to the detriment of their emotional and physical health – and to ensure your New Year is happy, I encourage you to try this experience.  And to share it with those you love.

Take some time to ponder and create two lists:

One, your The Top Five Most Important Lessons You Learned in the Year.

And two, your Top Five Favorite Memories of the Year.

Now before you race off to do this, read the rest of this short article. It provides important perspective on doing this.

First and foremost, remember that the key aspect of this intense experience is to “take some time to ponder” it.

In today’s go-go faster-faster world, you may be tempted to rush through this experience, to treat it like another task to get off your to-do list.

But you just invested 8760 or so hours of your life in the previous year. To pull what is worth pulling from it, to give it proper perspective and proper closure, it surely deserves some of your focused conscious energy.

Remember the Wisdom of a Child

Maybe you lost half your investments this year. Or your job. Or your house. Or you faced health challenges. Or worse.

Well, you have two options:

One, dwell on the negative, self-defeating questions like “How could I be so stupid?” or “How could God let this happen to me?”

Those are not really questions but unchecked emotional responses that will only drive your spirit, health, relationships and more into the ground.

Your other option is to ponder what positive lessons you were graced with from whatever you experienced in the year. And to be thankful for them, as you have the gift of life and consciousness and therefore the ability to do something with those lessons.

For example, I personally went through some very painful relationship experiences and business experiences this past year. I could choose to beat myself up over them, or point the finger at others and say, “How could you?” I could choose to drown in the pain.

But a child doesn’t touch fire, get burned, and then spend the rest of his days – or even hours – lamenting how this could have happened to him. He learns not to touch the fire and twenty minutes later he is happily playing again.

In this past year two of the things I learned, or learned even more, are that:

No matter how much you have invested, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is let go.

Deep love is hard work. And worth every ounce of it.

So, whether from challenging experiences or wonderful experiences, what top five lessons did you learn from the previous year?

Don’t Bang on the Beehive

To focus on your top five (or ten, or twenty) favorite memories of the year likely seems like good advice, but not profound advice.

But as with so many sensible actions, what seems so obvious when anyone thinks about it is unfortunately not what many people tend to do.

Instead, for example, when discussing the past year I have already heard so many people stating how bad it was. I hear them recalling all the bad memories.

This follows so many people’s tendency to dwell on what is wrong, what they don’t have, what they lack.

And this is as dangerous and unhealthy as it gets. It is like banging on a beehive.

Because here is a universal law: whatever you seek, you will find plenty of.

If you are focused on bad memories, problems, and things to complain about, you will most certainly find them. They will swarm your mind, your heart, and sting your life.

Likewise, if you are focused on good memories, the beauty in the world, and things to feel grateful for, you will most certainly find them too. They will nourish your mind, your heart, and allow your life to blossom.

So what are your top five favorite memories of the past year? What are the most important lessons you learned from the year?

Put them out there, and put your gratitude for them out there, for the world, for the universe, for God to hear.

Share them with your family, and pass this article on to those you care about and ask them to share theirs with you.

What you put out, after all, is what you get back. And that will make for a very Happy New Year for you…

Head to www.IntenseExperiences.com right now!


Brian Vaszily is the founder and creator of the Intense Experiences program and philosophy. Through simple and enjoyable but powerful and deeply transformative personal experiences, people are rapidly enabled to clear through their negative self-sabotaging emotions and achieve clarity, higher levels of energy, amazing success at whatever they most desire, and deep inner peace and happiness. ********* ********* *********

Brian is a bestselling and widely published author, speaker and workshop leader. He is the founder of the popular and free http://www.IntenseExperiences.com newsletter, author of the book The 23 Most Important Secrets to Achieve Deep Happiness


FROM CAROLE LYNNE: There you have it folks. I will comment on this blog myself, listing my five most important lessons and five most important memories. Please join me and lets comment together.


Psychic Medium Carole Lynne    www.carolelynne.com