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Spirit Helped My Friend Understand my psychic/mediumship November 12, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in They Don't Understand.
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HI friends,

I am working in San Francisco right now, and have been spending time with a friend who has never had any understanding of what I do.  When I have spoken about being a psychic and a medium, she has told me that she accepts what I do, but does not understand it.

Yesterday as I was getting ready to try to explain to her what is involved in giving a psychic/intuitive or mediumistic reading, the world of spirit was very kind to me.  Although I usually do not do what I call “readings on the run” (giving advice or information outside of a formal reading appointment)  I made an exception. Spirit suddenly gave me accurate visions about a situation my friend was going through in her life.  The information was correct, and my friend had a first hand experience about what it is like to receive information and guidance from the world of spirit.

NOW my friend understands what I do. If I had tried to explain my work to her, I could have talked until I lost my voice, and she might never have understood. But by having the experience of receiving correct and helpful information she now understands my work.

It was a win-win situation. She understands my work and she received good advice. I now have a friend who is not resistant to hearing about my work.

I am extremely grateful to spirit for helping me express myself.  And although, I do not like to break my rules and give unscheduled and unsolicited advice, I allowed myself to give the impromptu reading in this case as it was for a very good friend, AND I needed this friend to understand my work.


Have any of you had similar experiences?  Please add your comments.


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