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Others Do Not Always Understand Our Experiences November 1, 2008

Posted by Carole Lynne in They Don't Understand.

Life used to be easier for me socially before I came to understand that I was a psychic medium.  I always knew I was psychic and at times knew what others were thinking, but I did not begin to have visions of those from the world of spirit until later in my life.  I worked as a musician, and coach for performers and public speakers.  When people said “what do you do” in a social situation, I had an easy answer.

Now it is different.  In fact when people ask “do you work or what do you do” I am anxious before answering.  In the past year I have learned to say “I am going to tell you, but what I do is a bit different from the jobs most people have. I am a psychic medium.”  The reactions vary from “what is THAT” to “do you see any spirits near me at the moment?”   Those who are shocked and do not want to continue the conversation with me simply say “Oh that is very interesting.” Then they find a way to end the conversation as quickly as they can without being totally rude.

People either have an incredibly good reaction and want to know more, or they are not interested at all.

For those of you who have psychic and mediumistic experiences and share them with others: what kinds of reactions do you get from others?





1. Ron M. - November 2, 2008

I have had all kinds of reactions. When I simply tell people that I am a medium, some of them ask “What’s that?” Others think I’ve lost what was left of my remaining brain cells and still others think that it’s evil.

When I have demonstrated to people what I mean, some of them wonder “if you know this, what else can you know?” Others get great reassurance that their loved ones are safe and still living, just not living in a physical body. There have been tears on many occasions and those who were initially skeptical have seen the reality that something happens even if they don’t know just what that something should be called.

I remember an instance when I was asked by a fellow Spiritualist at a fund raiser to not mention the word “Spiritualist” when I explained what the money we were raising was going toward. I was a bit shocked, to be honest, at what seemed to be the embarrassment of someone connected with Spiritualistm to have that known publicly.

While I had trouble coming to terms with what was happening with me, since I have been a Spiritualist I have not been concerned about who knows. To me when I say that I am a medium connected with the Spiritualist church, it opens a door for people to begin to ask questions and come to an understanding about Spiritualism. It has never bothered me that others may react differently.

There certainly are a lot of false ideas about mediumship. Many people seem to think that we fake or cheat. That has been an unfortunate down side that came about because there have been those who were caught cheating. But it is like anything. There are those, also, who have such high levels of integrity and have been able to lift away some of that doubt, even though there is more progress to be made. I love being a medium associated with a spiritual organization. The focus becomes so much more healing, so much more sacred than when one works outside the benefit of the connection with the church.

It is this healing, this sense of sacred interaction between humanity and the world of spirit that I think needs to be more widely shared. It shouldn’t be something hidden in a dark corner or something considered to be taboo or evil. In its best form it brings great healing, release from the fear of death and the absolute knowledge that life goes on.

2. Carole Lynne - November 2, 2008

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your comments on how people respond to the idea of spirit communication.

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