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Pain of Regret Healing.png


Painful photo? YES as the pain of regret IS very painful. Everything I have learned from BEING a parent and everything I have learned from the messages of apology that come through from loved one’s in eternal life to their children still living has taught me: there is no such thing as a perfect parent. And there is no such thing as a perfect human being. At least I have never met such a unique creature. ( In fact those parading around as perfect spiritual guru’s frighten me the most.)

SOOOOOOOO, should we stop TRYING because we can’t be perfect? If you say “yes” to that –  it is the same as being on a healthy diet, having something not so healthy to eat and then deciding all is lost so you might as well food binge for the next month.

FACE THE PAIN OF REGRET: Think about that ONE DAY that changed your whole life, at least it seemed like it did. You made a mistake. If only you could take that day back. The movie of that day plays over and over in your mind, year after year. This was a day you made a mistake as a parent.  There may have been other mistakes on other days, but this one day looms large on the horizon of your visions of the mistakes you made.

Do those mistakes matter now? Of course they matter now, but if you have faced your mistakes, have become a more balanced person, apologized for your mistakes, then it is high time that you FORGIVE YOURSELF even if you are not forgiven by others.


Were your parents perfect? Most likely not. Did they make mistakes that you have never forgiven them for in your heart. (It goes without saying that if you have been brutally abused you may not be able to forgive.)  But for the better part of us who had parents that ranged from close to perfect to emotionally abusive due to untreated mental illness or personality disorders: we have parents who loved us but who make mistakes that changed our lives in the same way that our mistakes changed the lives of our children.  It is amazing how we begin to understand and forgive the mistakes of our parents as we begin to understand our own mistakes AS parents.

As a medium I can tell many stories about the loved ones who come through in readings with very specific apologies to their living children. And as these loved ones in spirit are able to apologize it appears to me that they are able to move on in the never ending spiritual growth in Eternal Life.

YOU reading this, are still living and so you have the opportunity to apologize NOW.  You have the chance to forgive yourself NOW.


If you have children who have reached adulthood, have they been perfect children? Have they always treated you and other members of the family well? Most likely they have not as they are human beings like the rest of us and they are not perfect. As you forgive yourself for not being perfect, you may begin to forgive not only your parents, but your children.

And if your grown children are parents, most likely they will not become perfect parents as they are human beings and there are no perfect human beings.


There are colleagues in my field who believe that every thing we do, we do for the reason of learning, and everything that happens is meant to happen. I am not able to go along with that idea, and from my perspective there is absolutely no way to prove that concept. When someone is brutally abused I cannot accept that this was “meant to be.”

What I do accept is that we do not have control over all that happens in life. What we have more control over is how we respond to what happens.  And if we have behaved badly it was not written someplace in eternity that we were meant to behave badly. We must face our actions, cope with our regret, change our behaviors, and eventually forgive ourselves.  And if others have hurt us, depending on the severity of the circumstances, we need to find our way to forgiveness as much as we possibly can.

Let us focus on forgiving ourselves, and forgiving others. And while facing the regret, also focus on facing the reality that no one is perfect: I am not perfect, you are not perfect, they are not perfect. No one is perfect. Accepting our imperfect reality brings HEALING.

DEAR READERS: This post cannot possibly contain all of the many stories about different kinds of mistakes: mistakes we have made ourselves and the many ways we have suffered from the mistakes made by others.  Not even a whole book could include all of the mistakes human beings make. The topic of mistakes can be overwhelming, but we can make a start by accepting who we are as human beings and work to become better people making less mistakes.






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Many of us who work as professional mediums have had a number of teachers who have influenced our lives and our work as mediums. Many who receive readings from us do not realize how important our teachers are to us. Most of us have had one main teacher and in addition have attended workshops with the best mediums around the world: many who seem to work in the UK.  Our beloved teacher Glyn Edwards made his transition to the world of Spirit May 31, 2015 and all of us who considered him one of our important teachers, are very sad indeed. While we know his spirit will live on in eternal life, we shall surely miss his physical presence.

GLYN EDWARDSIMG_5977Hope to have a better quality photo for you soon. He was an extremely evidential medium and a very handsome man.


On June 7th we dedicated our Spiritualist church service to Glyn at the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism. Rev. Mary DiGiovanni chaired the service, I performed the music and the speaker/medium for the day was a medium visiting us from Scotland: Reverend Sandy Campbell. Was it a coincidence that all there of us studied with Glyn?  Below is a picture of the three of us along with a woman who came to turn pages for me when I sang: Melissa Garlisi.

Right to left: Rev, Mary, Rev. Sandy, Rev. Carole Lynne and Melissa Garlisi. We had a beautiful service and we all felt the presence of Glyn.

Glyn: we thank you for all that you have given us and we know that you will continue to be with us as you work with us from the Spirit Side.

We send our love to all of your family and friends as well as to the many people around the world who call you “teacher.”


Psychic Medium Carole Lynne



MORE THAN A MEMORY? January 25, 2015

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We all miss our loved ones who have passed on into the spirit world. And we have many memories. Some memories are good and some are bad. Just like life: sometimes good and sometimes bad.

As a psychic medium there are times when I experience a memory of a loved one in spirit, and I sense that it is NOT JUST a memory, but also a communication from the world of spirit.  How do I know that to be true?  Because when I do readings for others where I communicate with the spirits of their loved ones, whom I know NOTHING about, and the clients understand the information regarding the “memory” I know we are in contact with a loved one of theirs. The spirit is proving to both me and the client that this is MORE than a memory: it is a communication from spirit.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Treasure the moments in your life when you have great memories about loved ones who have passed on, or even loved ones living: whom you do not get to see very often. Whether your good memory is of going to Hawaii or Disney World, or hanging out at the corner grocery store or riding in the back of the van: treasure those memories.

And be aware that when you have memories of someone who has passed on, it may be a spiritual communication for you.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne





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I am very pleased that DailyOM shared an excerpt of my new book. click on the link to go to DailyOM. They have many good articles.


http://www.dailyom.com/library/000/003/000003445.html  CLICK ON LINK FOR DailyOM


Carole Lynne









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I wrote this book because many people have called and emailed me about spiritual experiences they are having. Or the loved ones of “emerging psychics” got in touch with me as they were either excited or scared to death by the experiences these emerging psychics were having.  I KNOW that this book will be of great help to anyone having psychic or mediumistic experiences. Click on the book cover, and you will be linked to Amazon where you can read all about this book.

Hope you read it. I wish someone had written this book for me 40 years ago. I could have used it and saved years of anxiety over my psychic gift.

Carole Lynne










My Connection to Spirit Grows Deeper August 27, 2012

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Every year that I continue to communicate with the world of spirit, the connection grows deeper and more sacred. In the early years of my mediumship it was all about proving to myself and to others that there really IS a world of spirit and that I, Carole Lynne. could communicate with those in that world.  Years of hard work and anxiety were lived and now after many years of service, the connection is not stressful, I have had the proof I need that there is indeed, a part of each one of us that continues after the change we call “death.”

It took many years of communication before I was able to settle down and feel secure about spirit communication. “How is this possible?” I would ask myself.  The miracle of communication with those who have passed on seemed too good to be true. It was hard for me to believe, even though in reading after reading, clients recognized those spirits who communicated.  Finally a day came for me when I just KNEW that this communication was really happening and that we DO survive death.  At a certain point, even I who consider myself to be level headed and a bit skeptical, had to admit that there was no way for me to be getting all this information about those who had passed on, unless I was REALLY in communication with those in spirit.  Even though I had been a medium for awhile, it still took me time to embrace this miracle and realize that in fact, it is NOT a miracle, but a normal process.  We survive death and therefore we can continue to communicate with our loved ones. This is as natural as flowers blooming.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




As Spirit Speaks to You April 1, 2011

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When you start to become conscious that those in the world of spirit are beginning to speak to you, it can be an overwhelming experience.  Many just push the experience away and chalk it up to their imaginations. And of course sometimes all of us do imagine things. But when spirit is really speaking to us, there is often a gentle feeling of bliss.  We know that we are in the midst of vibrations that are different than usual. We can sense a beautiful presence that is not ordinarily around us.  At these times we may be experiencing the presence of the spirit of a loved one who has passed on or the presence of a spiritual guidance essence.

Opening up to communication from those in the world of spirit is like the opening of a beautiful flower.  Do not shut spirit out. If the experience is too overwhelming, say to spirit “step back a bit as I am new to this.”  

Learning to communicate with those in spirit can be a beautiful experience.

(If you think this message will help others pass it on)

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



Accepting You Are a Medium March 8, 2011

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This weekend I was privileged to teach a mediumship seminar in California and watch several students blossom.  One student has worked with me in several workshops, and each time I see this student , her energy get stronger and her ability to link with the spirit world gets better.  It is scary to this student, as she does not yet fully understand why she is becoming more sensitive to everything in her life.   Smells are stronger, feelings are deeper, insights abound and coincidences happen more often.  As she begins to accept that she has been blessed with the gift of spirit communication, it can be overwhelming.  Questions come to her mind:” Can I lead a normal life if I develop my mediumistic abilities?”

Of course you can I tell her.  And I am telling her the truth. Many of my students have full-time careers in business, the medical field and real estate.  Some students have become full-time mediums but others only do several readings a  month, as they hold full-time jobs.  There are many ways to share the sacred practice of spirit communication.

When Spirit knocks on the door of an individual, all kinds of things begin to happen and one can become confused.

If you are opening to the world of spirit, you might get some insights and support from reading my book “Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World.”  You may see yourself in my story.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



Want a Reading? But What Kind? July 28, 2010

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In my role as a psychic medium I talk to people every day who want a reading.  Depending on a person’s experience, cultural background and education regarding readings, the expectations of people are all over the place.   It is clear that the general public needs to understand that there are many kinds of readings available, and beyond that must also understand that readers each have their own style. It is also clear that those of us who give readings must make sure before booking an appointment, that the prospective client is informed about what to expect in the reading.

As readers we have extremely different perspectives on what a reading should be.  This makes it extremely confusing for those who seek readings.  And yet, it would be impossible to standardize our readings as one thing we as readers can most likely agree on is that Spirit works with us in different ways.  We are not able to mass produce our readings and thank the Lord, that we cannot.  A good reading is mystical and the reader is able to bring through messages from loved ones, spiritual guidance and inspiration. This cannot be standardized.  Although education for readers is extremely important as we can learn how to best use the spiritual gifts we have been given, at some point we will not individually be able to follow all the rules and guidelines we have learned from our human teachers, as ultimately the Spirit Within each reader will be the most important teacher.

So what is the person who wants to get a reading to do? How can people know what kind of reading to get and which reader to choose?

After answering questions about readings on the phone for many years, I said to myself one day “You know Carole, what you need to do is write a small book for the people who want to understand more about readings.   And so I wrote “How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic Medium.”  I ask people who are confused about readings, to read this book and then call me back with any additional questions.  I also ask those who are going to have a reading with me, to read the book before hand as they will then come into our readings as an oriented client, rather than a disoriented client.  I am likely to do a much better job with a client who knows what is going on.

Some of my colleagues now keep a stack of How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic Medium in their offices.  They find that this book helps their clients.   Consider reading this book if you want to get a reading, and if you are a reader, consider offering it to your clients.  The price offered by the publisher Weiser Books is very reasonable at $7.95 and most can afford to buy it.  The information in this book is extremely helpful to both clients and readers. You can order this book from any bookstore, on www.amazon.com, www.carolelynne.com and at the www.weiserbooks.com

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



The Spirits of Our Pets July 22, 2010

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My mediumship began when I saw the spirit of my dog Queenie walk across my living room.  My loving dog, my best friend, not only helped me raise my children, but her spirit played a huge role in my accepting and developing my mediumistic  gifts. Since that time, I have seen the spirits of many pets when doing readings for clients.

It is wonderful to know that our loved ones in the world of spirit are surrounded by the spirits of the pets they so loved when they were all living in the physical realm. Now they are together in the world of spirit.

I remember when Queenie became so ill she had no quality of life. I could not put her through anymore cancer operations.  I had to let her go. It was one of the saddest days of my life.  I took her to the vet and played ball with her for an hour. Then I had to leave the room when the vet came in to give her that life changing shot. I cried for days.

What an incredible surprise to see her spirit six months later. What an absolute miracle.

As a psychic medium I am grateful to be able to see the spirits of our pets and to know that they are with us always.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne