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Wonderful time on “X” Zone Radio with Rob McConnell April 15, 2009

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Hi Friends,

Yesterday I got a last minute call from my publisher: “Can you be on Rob McConnell’s show at eleven tonight?”  “ELEVEN at night” I screamed to myself.  The publisher continued:” They want you to talk about your new book.”  “Of course,”  I said “I will do it.”

I am so eager to have the opportunity to speak about Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World because I so deeply believe in the message spirit brings to us through the writings published in this book.

As I got ready to go on the show by telephone from my home office in Newton, I was reminded of the early days of radio when my Dad owned a small radio station in Ventura, California: KVEN.   As a six year old I was on the radio on Saturdays playing kids records for any kids who would listen. Now here I was on April 14th, 2009: the anniversary of my Dad’s passing to spirit, on the radio again talking about a book that lets us know what the spirit world believes we need to do.  I have been feeling the presence of my Dad’s spirit alot lately, and hopefully his spirit was aware of the show last night where Rob McConnell and I talked for an hour about the importance of each human being on this planet recognizing that we are all connected.

We can no longer be “out for ourselves.”  The old phrase “each man for himself” is history!  We have to all be out for each other.

By the way, Rob McConnell is an excellent host and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him. Google his name or “X” Zone Radio to find out more about the show and read the list of who will be interviewed each week.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




“Cosmically Conscious” with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Warms My Heart April 8, 2009

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Sometimes we feel a “spiritual high.”  I had one this week through one of those supposed coincidences, that many of us feel are not really coincidences.  Here is it the first week my new book Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World is available in bookstores.  My husband, God bless him, sends me an article from the New York Times about a benefit concert called Change Begins Within.  The headliners were Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and they sang a song called Cosmically Conscious. When I read the article and especially when I listened to the song on YouTube, I was elated.  While I realize this song was not written for me personally, it felt as if it had been written for all of us who realize that it is NOW time to create a better world, and change does begin within.

On a personal level,  my husband brought me this song at just the right moment, and that was a true gift.

I have promised myself for three years: “When I finish writing this book and I am in the process of letting the world know about Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World” I am going to bring my music back into my life.  I am going to cut the finger nails of my left hand (you female guitarists know how hard it is to have to do this) and start playing guitar and singing again.

Cosmically Conscious is going to be the first new song I will learn. I got my guitar out this morning and I am working up to getting out the nail clippers.

Hope you all get a chance to share in my spiritual experiences in Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. The excitement I feel about the new book and the words spirit has given me for the book, is boundless.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




Spirit Helped My Friend Understand my psychic/mediumship November 12, 2008

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HI friends,

I am working in San Francisco right now, and have been spending time with a friend who has never had any understanding of what I do.  When I have spoken about being a psychic and a medium, she has told me that she accepts what I do, but does not understand it.

Yesterday as I was getting ready to try to explain to her what is involved in giving a psychic/intuitive or mediumistic reading, the world of spirit was very kind to me.  Although I usually do not do what I call “readings on the run” (giving advice or information outside of a formal reading appointment)  I made an exception. Spirit suddenly gave me accurate visions about a situation my friend was going through in her life.  The information was correct, and my friend had a first hand experience about what it is like to receive information and guidance from the world of spirit.

NOW my friend understands what I do. If I had tried to explain my work to her, I could have talked until I lost my voice, and she might never have understood. But by having the experience of receiving correct and helpful information she now understands my work.

It was a win-win situation. She understands my work and she received good advice. I now have a friend who is not resistant to hearing about my work.

I am extremely grateful to spirit for helping me express myself.  And although, I do not like to break my rules and give unscheduled and unsolicited advice, I allowed myself to give the impromptu reading in this case as it was for a very good friend, AND I needed this friend to understand my work.


Have any of you had similar experiences?  Please add your comments.


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