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Pain of Regret Healing.png


Painful photo? YES as the pain of regret IS very painful. Everything I have learned from BEING a parent and everything I have learned from the messages of apology that come through from loved one’s in eternal life to their children still living has taught me: there is no such thing as a perfect parent. And there is no such thing as a perfect human being. At least I have never met such a unique creature. ( In fact those parading around as perfect spiritual guru’s frighten me the most.)

SOOOOOOOO, should we stop TRYING because we can’t be perfect? If you say “yes” to that –  it is the same as being on a healthy diet, having something not so healthy to eat and then deciding all is lost so you might as well food binge for the next month.

FACE THE PAIN OF REGRET: Think about that ONE DAY that changed your whole life, at least it seemed like it did. You made a mistake. If only you could take that day back. The movie of that day plays over and over in your mind, year after year. This was a day you made a mistake as a parent.  There may have been other mistakes on other days, but this one day looms large on the horizon of your visions of the mistakes you made.

Do those mistakes matter now? Of course they matter now, but if you have faced your mistakes, have become a more balanced person, apologized for your mistakes, then it is high time that you FORGIVE YOURSELF even if you are not forgiven by others.


Were your parents perfect? Most likely not. Did they make mistakes that you have never forgiven them for in your heart. (It goes without saying that if you have been brutally abused you may not be able to forgive.)  But for the better part of us who had parents that ranged from close to perfect to emotionally abusive due to untreated mental illness or personality disorders: we have parents who loved us but who make mistakes that changed our lives in the same way that our mistakes changed the lives of our children.  It is amazing how we begin to understand and forgive the mistakes of our parents as we begin to understand our own mistakes AS parents.

As a medium I can tell many stories about the loved ones who come through in readings with very specific apologies to their living children. And as these loved ones in spirit are able to apologize it appears to me that they are able to move on in the never ending spiritual growth in Eternal Life.

YOU reading this, are still living and so you have the opportunity to apologize NOW.  You have the chance to forgive yourself NOW.


If you have children who have reached adulthood, have they been perfect children? Have they always treated you and other members of the family well? Most likely they have not as they are human beings like the rest of us and they are not perfect. As you forgive yourself for not being perfect, you may begin to forgive not only your parents, but your children.

And if your grown children are parents, most likely they will not become perfect parents as they are human beings and there are no perfect human beings.


There are colleagues in my field who believe that every thing we do, we do for the reason of learning, and everything that happens is meant to happen. I am not able to go along with that idea, and from my perspective there is absolutely no way to prove that concept. When someone is brutally abused I cannot accept that this was “meant to be.”

What I do accept is that we do not have control over all that happens in life. What we have more control over is how we respond to what happens.  And if we have behaved badly it was not written someplace in eternity that we were meant to behave badly. We must face our actions, cope with our regret, change our behaviors, and eventually forgive ourselves.  And if others have hurt us, depending on the severity of the circumstances, we need to find our way to forgiveness as much as we possibly can.

Let us focus on forgiving ourselves, and forgiving others. And while facing the regret, also focus on facing the reality that no one is perfect: I am not perfect, you are not perfect, they are not perfect. No one is perfect. Accepting our imperfect reality brings HEALING.

DEAR READERS: This post cannot possibly contain all of the many stories about different kinds of mistakes: mistakes we have made ourselves and the many ways we have suffered from the mistakes made by others.  Not even a whole book could include all of the mistakes human beings make. The topic of mistakes can be overwhelming, but we can make a start by accepting who we are as human beings and work to become better people making less mistakes.






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Looking in Our Own Eyes

LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Look into your own eyes. Realize that each time you try to FIT IN to a role, situation or relationship that you really do not want, you are giving up part of yourself. And as you give up part of yourself, that uses up a lot of vital energy within you.WHAT would you do with that energy that is now being wasted as you try to fit in? How would you “spend” that energy if you could free that wasted energy up from having to do the horrible job of trying to make you be someone else?

Of course there ARE some situations and relationships that you are not going to leave for good reason. But if you are like me and many of those I consult with, there IS room for improvement in your personal journey: the journey to become more of who you really are. And there ARE many roles, situations and relationships that you CAN change.

I think of myself as being very different. And perhaps this is a fantasy as maybe most people think they are different. Perhaps we are all the same in that we all think we are different. No matter what the answer to this riddle is: we can all become more of who we really are!

I have come a long way in being who I am. When I was younger never would I have imagined that as an older person I would be a psychic medium out there in the world: a working medium and a published author. I know many people who are psychic and mediumistic who are afraid to admit their spiritual gifts even to themselves. I remember the years when I was deciding if I was willing to write books, be on television and radio and be know publicly or remain a kind of closeted medium that very few people would find out about.  It was a bit scary to come out as a psychic medium. Not everyone was going to approve of me, some people would say I was a freak or wacko.

LET US ASK OURSELVES LIFE CHANGING QUESTIONS: What would my life look like if I was being more of who I really am? Would I still be working in the same kind of job. would I be working at all, who would I be spending time with, what would my schedule look like, what relationships would I let go of and what kinds of relationships would I be looking for? WHAT WOULD CHANGE? There are as many answers to these questions as there are people who are willing to look themselves in the eyes and ask the questions.

LIFE IS SHORT SO DO NOT WAIT: I kinda understood that life is short when I was younger, but with years of experience as a psychic medium communicating with the spirits of those who have passed on, I really know that life is short.  And with years of comforting clients who are mourning the passing of a loved one: I know now that life is short.  Of course I have also been in deep grief over the passing of my own loved ones, and each time another of my family or friends makes a transition into eternal life, I learn once again that life is short. 

Don’t misunderstand this message. It is not a message that begs you to turn your whole life upside down in a day. It is a message that says “LOOK INTO YOUR OWN EYES AND SEE WHO YOU ARE. BECOME MORE OF WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE AS LIFE IS SHORT.”


older-couple-walking.jpg July 9, 2013

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Yesterday the phone rang and it rang again, and each time I answered a call I received news of the passing of someone I know or someone close to someone I know. I also received news of a man who has just entered Hospice Care.  And as I went about my day living the life as a psychic medium, I received calls from clients who wanted to make appointments for readings in the hopes of hearing from their loved ones in spirit.  As I listened to the many tears in the voices of those who called, at first I felt overwhelmed and then I remembered that as we are all born we all die.  Life is a precious time and then it is over.

Awhile back I wrote a song called Roses.  Here is the link. http://snd.sc/ZVTwmd

This link will take you to sound cloud.  Click on the triangle in the orange circle over a song called “Roses”

This song is about life’s passages and when I listen to it, I am helped to remember and accept life and death.


Carole Lynne


Spiritual Growth June 1, 2011

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Following is a quote of The Mother, one of the founders of the Sri Aurobindo Society in Pondicherry, India. Her words help me to understand that everything we do in life can only be accomplished at the level of spiritual perfection to which we have evolved.



An aimless life is always a miserable life. Every one of you should have an aim. But do not forget that on the quality of your aim will depend the quality of your life.

Your aim should be high and wide, generous and disinterested; this will make your life precious to yourself and to others.

But whatever your ideal, it cannot be perfectly realised unless you have realised perfection in yourself.

– The Mother [CWMCE, 12:3]

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



No Quick Fix on Spiritual Path January 27, 2010

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We face ourselves when we walk the spiritual path.  This is hard work, not necessarily upsetting, but definitely work that requires patience, focus and endurance.

Spiritual work is not like instant oatmeal.  If we want to walk the spiritual path, we have to be in it for the long run.  Many of us become over inflated when we have spiritual experiences, and decide that we have “Arrived” with a capital “A.”  We may have arrived at a rest stop on the path in order to take a moment to realize the progress we have made, but we cannot fool ourselves that this is the end of the hard work we have been doing.

The best teachers that I have had in my life, have been sure to tell me that they are not my true teachers, but that Spirit is my teacher. They are there to help me while on my spiritual journey, but they cannot tell me what to do and make all my decisions for me.  My best teachers have also made me aware that they are still on the spiritual path and still learning, just as I am.

The ego would love to grab all of us and say “Look you are enlightened!!!!”  And some seminar leaders who like to fill up the seats in the room, may make you feel that you are incredible and that within one weekend seminar you have Arrived,” when you really have alot more work to do.

As both a seeker on the spiritual path and a teacher, my suggestion is that all of us look at the spiritual path as a way of life, and know that we will be learning and having new understandings about ourselves and our world everyday.  And in fact from my perspective as a psychic medium, I know that our learning will continue when we have left our physical bodies and transitioned to eternal life.

So the spiritual path never ends.  We will walk this path forever.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



Guilt After a Passing November 5, 2009

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“I was not there when my loved one passed”

While we would all like to be by the side of our loved one at the time of passing, it is not always possible. One of the hardest things to cope with after the passing of a loved one, is guilt. Not everyone feels guilt, but many do. As a psychic medium, I work with many people who are in deep grief and burdened with guilt.  One of the things people feel guilty about, is not being with their loved one at the moment of passing.

I have talked with a woman who stayed with her loved one in the hospital 24/7, wanting to be with her loved one at the moment of passing.  Then when she left the hospital bed for two minutes to go to the rest room, the loved one passed into eternal life.  She was devastated and asks me “why did this happen?”  She wants to know if her loved one wanted to pass alone to spare her the grief, or was her loved one angry at her?”   All kinds of thoughts run through her mind over and over again as she tries to understand why her loved one did not wait for her to come back into the room before passing.

I cannot prove why a human being passes at a particular moment.  It could be for very physical reasons, and it could be that the spirit of the human being makes a choice about when to pass.  Many believe that there is a contract between the soul of the person and God and that the moment of death is in God’s hands.   My experiences as a psychic medium have brought me to the conclusion that when the spirit of a human being passes into eternal life, the shutdown of the body and the mind do not always coincide with the moment the spirit leaves the physical body and makes the transition into eternal life.  I sense that the spirits within many who are getting ready to pass on are beginning to leave their physical bodies long before the medical moment of physical death.  For instance the spirits of people who are in comas may have left their bodies, but are still in the hospital room, trying to comfort their loved ones who are sitting by the bedside crying.

What I do know is that it is not always possible to be with a loved one at the moment of physical death. It IS possible to be with the spirit of your loved one, before, during and after the passing.

Remember that you can be with the spirit of your loved one at all times, and so if you are not able to be with your loved one at the moment of physical passing, you can still be with the spirit, even though you may not be at the physical side of your loved one.  Place thoughts of your loved one in your consciousness and speak within your mind to your loved one.  Or you may prefer to sing to your loved one as the vibrations of sound, whether sung out loud or simply “played with in the mind” are powerful and healing to the spirit of your loved one. And you do not have to be a good singer to send wonderful vibrations of love through sound.

When my father, whom I was very close to during his lifetime, passed into spirit, I was on the other side of the country.  I was devastated, but I felt in touch with his spirit. In fact, I woke in the middle of the night and felt that he was passing. It was within the next hour that I received the news from family members who were with him.   Many of my clients have had this same kind of experience.

It is never too late to communicate with the spirit of your loved one.

If you were not with your loved one at the time of passing, or if you did not feel in touch with the spirit of your loved one at that time, it is never too late to communicate your love.  Just close your eyes and say a prayer and then talk to your loved one out loud or within your mind.   I have had great proof in readings, that our loved ones in eternal life hear us even if they have passed on many years ago.  I do not mean to insinuate that we can talk to them as if we were on a phone.  But I know that thoughts are vibrations and that they can travel between the realms of our conscious earth life and the eternal life that many of us call “the spirit world” or “heaven.”

If you feel guilt after the passing of a loved one, know that are in the company of many who also feel guilt. It is all part of the grieving process.  Try to focus on all the good things that you have done, and know that your loved one is not in eternal life, making a list of all the things  you did that were not perfect.  I have never had a communication with any spirit who came through in a reading with messages about all the imperfections of my client. In fact it is just the opposite. Those in spirit seem to have gained a greater understanding of life, and they are usually most appreciative for all that we have done for them and the love that we have given them and are continuing to give through our prayers for them, and through keeping their memories alive with the family.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



Pebbles on the Shore October 24, 2009

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PEBBLES ON THE SHORE Pebbles come in all sizes and all colors

Just like we do

Pebbles are sometimes smooth and sometimes rough

Just like we are

Pebbles feel smooth under our feet or hurt us as we walk

Just as life can

Pebbles on the shore receive the footprints of many and then are washed by the sea over and over again

Pebbles will remain on the shore as natural and beautiful as they have always been, if we leave them alone to create their destiny

Pebbles change over time and evolve as the earth evolves

Contemplate the pebbles and learn something about yourself, about life and about the earth

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne

Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World, Consult Your Inner Psychic: Make Your Life Work Better, How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic Medium and Heart and Sound.



The Larger View October 19, 2009

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IMG_1465 Gila panorama NMexico

Look as far as you can to find the larger view

When you feel trapped and caught in a corner

Find the larger view

When your perspective is as narrow as a solid line

Find the larger view

Gaze far beyond your own nose and find a whole world, a whole universe of knowledge


Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne

Photo by Flavin

Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World, Consult Your Inner Psychic, How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic Medium and Heart and Sound



Reason for Existence October 4, 2009

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heart and sound frontLast night a  friend in his seventies, trying to cope with the troubles and the passing of too many close friends, asked me “What is the meaning of all this? I am not sure I see the point of life.” 

As we get older and many family and friends are becoming ill and eventually passing into eternal life, it becomes hard to accept and it becomes easy to question the meaning of life.

I turned to my friend and said “We are here to enjoy each day as much as possible, and we have a whole world to try to save, so we better get busy.”  At this point in life, we need to be doing things that help others.  We must do this for ourselves. While it may look like we are helping others, it is really ourselves that we are helping.  As we grow older it is time for us to understand that WE ARE ALL ONE.  As we help others, we merge with THE ONE.

Of course the complications of our own lives keep us busy, but there is always some time that can be used to help others in the family, community and world.

This morning I picked up a little book of inspiration by Sri Aurobindo, one of the founders of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India.  I asked the Divine to take me to a quote that would have meaning for me this morning, and here is the quote that appeared to me as I opened this small book:

“The soul- a spark of the Divine; to grow in flame towards the Divine in its true life and its very reason for existence.”

As I read these words, what comes to me is that the reason for existence, is to find the spark of the Divine within.  The question that was brought up the evening before, was answered.  As we open ourselves to the light of Divine

Consciousness, we find our true selves. We are able to cope with life, help ourselves, help others, and evolve in our consciousness, so that when the day comes when it is time to make a transition to eternal life, we are prepared.


Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



Path to Spirituality: Honesty and Discipline October 2, 2009

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It is so easy to understand what the other guy needs to do. What is really tough is looking ourselves straight in the eyes and taking in the truth about what we need to do to “clean up our act.” 

Many of us have noticed that the massage therapist never gets a massage, the diet counselor is over weight, and the physical trainer is either doing too much exercise or not enough. Of course there are exceptions, and please do not take offence if you are a massage therapist, diet counselor or physical trainer. The point that is being made here, is that it is easy to advise others, and extremely hard to have the courage to look at ourselves honestly.  It is even harder to develop the discipline needed to solve our personal challenges.

The path to spirituality is self improvement. If we can do what is good for ourselves, then we can lead better lives and have much more to offer our families, friends, communities and the world.


Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne