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When Your Mother is in Spirit May 10, 2009

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My mother is no longer living in a physical body, and that makes mother’s day different than it used to be.  While my relationship with my mother was difficult, I still miss her very much. She was not well emotionally most of my life, and so life with mother was complicated.  But I still miss her.

Fortunately, I have learned that life is eternal and so I know the spirits of all my loved ones are around me.  When I discovered that I was a medium and could communicate with those in the world of spirit, my whole view of life changed.  Life for me now, is an extended spiritual path way that goes on forever.

What has been most interesting for me is to experience the evolution of my mother’s spirit.  When I first experienced her spirit soon after she passed into eternal life, her consciousness felt restless to me. Now when I experience her spirit, she seems peaceful.  I would say that all this is wishful thinking on my part if I did not do readings week after week and have people validate the information that comes through.  As I receive messages for my clients from the spirits of their loved ones, I have the continual opportunity of having the afterlife validated, again and again and again.   For me, this is a blessing.  Otherwise, I might not believe my own spiritual communications with my own loved ones in the world of spirit.

So on this Mother’s Day, I send a special greeting to all who do not have mother’s living in the physical any longer. I pray that you can feel the presence of your mother’s spirit.

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