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The Day After Mother’s Day Creating Peace if Need Be May 11, 2009

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For some of us, mother’s day was wonderful and beautiful. Hopefully we can give thanks today for the wonderful times we shared yesterday with our families.

For others, mother’s day was tearful and sad. My thoughts go out to all those in grief who no longer have mothers who are living in the physical body.  Know that your mothers are in the world of spirit and their spirits are around you. My thoughts go out to all of you who have living mothers or mothers in spirit whom you do not or did not get along with.  Your memories are difficult to cope with at times.  From my perspective as a psychic medium, your mothers in the world of spirit are evolving and raising their consciousness. And if your mothers are still living and you do not get along, consider finding peace with your mothers.  As a psychic medium, I speak with people everyday who did not make peace with their mothers before their mothers passed to spirit. These clients have a difficult time.  Although it is possible to make peace with your mother’s spirit  after she has passed on, if you still have the chance to do so while she is still living,  take this opportunity unless your anger is so great that it is not possible.

Some of us were sad yesterday because we are mother’s who have lost children.  My thoughts go to all of you who have lost children as this has to be the most difficult experience any human being, mother or father, sister or brother….can have.

This is a sad post, but it is important to remember that all of us have both wonderful and sad times on holidays.  Let us send our thoughts and our prayers to those who may have been in grief yesterday.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne, Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World






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