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How to Get a Good Reading October 21, 2009

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how to get good reading frontIf you want a good reading, have a reading for the right reasons, find the right reader, and know that the attitude you bring into the reading plays a big part in the success of the session.

Unfortunately, many people book readings without know what KIND of reading they have booked.  Some who want to hear from the spirits of loved ones who have passed on, book an astrological reading when it was a mediumistic reading they should have booked.  Someone who wants a past life reading, books a reading with a psychic who does not do that kind of work.  Before booking a reading, write down the reasons you want a reading, and find a reader who can give you what you need.

In the opinion of this author, (and there are certainly those who would disagree) you will have a much better reading with a professional who is not trying to give you seven kinds of reading, mish-mashed into one.   I do not want to receive a reading from someone who is going to give me a psychic reading, a past life reading, with a bit of astrology thrown in and a few quick messages from my mother in spirit.  This kind of reading can be confusing, and it is doubtful that the reader is really experienced in any of the modalities being used.  Sometimes I fear that readers who offer to do ten things in a reading, do so as they are not expert in any one.  When I have had such readings, I have come out confused. I feel like I have just eaten Chinese, Indian, and Spanish food all mixed into one dish and the flavors are overwhelming and do not compliment each other. While there has been alot of drama and even excitement during the reading, I can’t put the whole experience together and use it in a positive way.

If I have a mediumistic reading, I want the reader to focus the whole reading on connecting with my loved ones, and I want a medium with lots of experience.  If I want an astrological reading, I want a reader with someone who has studied astrology for many years.   I would not go to a dentist who promised to fill a cavity, and give me an eye examination at the same time, would I?

Decide what you need and find a reader who can give you what you need.  Once you have done that, work on your own attitude. If you are skeptical that is fine, but go into the reading with a positive attitude, ready to listen and receive. If you are not ready to listen, then do not bother having a reading.  Also, as you listen, avoid spending your whole time arguing with a medium.  Of course, express your opinions, but if you spend your time arguing over small things or details the medium brings  (“No my Dad did not wear a three button suit, it was two button, or yes my mother did go to France, but only once, so why are  you telling me this?) you might as well not have a reading.  Or if you are seeing a psychic, do not waste your time being too picky about the information (Yes, I did go to college, but it was only for three years instead of four, so what is the point of you telling me I went to college, when I did not graduate). The psychics comments about you going to college, may be leading to another very important insight from the psychic, but if you spend five minutes arguing, the psychic may not even remember what the important point is. 

If you book a reading with the right reader and enter the session with a good attitude, your reading can be life changing.  I have had several readings that have helped me to find my spiritual path and that have proved to me that life is continuous. A good reading is a blessing.  Learn about readings and about your role in a reading, before booking a session.


Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne

Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World, Consult Your Inner Psychic: Make Your Life Work Better, How to Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium and Heart and Sound. 




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