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COLOR OF MY SKY February 10, 2015

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow is it that the colors of the sky make such an impression on me. As I look through photographs I find so many pictures of the sky. Why do I take so many pictures of the sky? Perhaps because there is a part of my human soul that wonders “what is up there?”  Looking at the sky: be it dark and full of stars, be it cloudy and full of rain, or be it a sky that paints colors across itself as the sun goes down, the sky moves me and takes me outside my ordinary reality. I can forget myself and my individuality and become lost in the colors of the sky.  Can you?

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Receiving All That Is October 8, 2011

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How often do we close off all that is being offered?

How often do we focus on petty things and miss the glory and wonder of what is being offered?

Each day is a miracle to be received if only we will receive it.

How can we transcend the petty moments of life that are a drag on our spiritual foundation? When will we know that when we focus on Divine Consciousness we will find peace?