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Communicating with Mom in Spirit May 7, 2010

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We all wish we had the idyllic relationship with Mom, that we see in this picture, but most of us did not.  And if fact, if we are mothers with daughters, most of us do not have perfect relationships with our daughters.  And to take this thought a step further,  most relationships are not perfect and require hard work, patience and unconditional love. Relationships offer us the challenge we need to move forward on the spiritual path.

As we approach Mother’s Day here in the US, many of us have thoughts about our mothers, and it is a bitter sweet time for those of us whose mothers are now in the world of spirit.  Mother’s Day becomes a time to remember our mothers, as we are not able to go have lunch with them and present our gifts and cards.

The other day, I did a reading for a client, whose mother in spirit came through. This mother had been a difficult woman during her lifetime, and as my client and I communicated with her, it was clear that as a spiritual being, she has lost all her difficult mannerisms in the same way that people lose their physical problems when they pass into the world of spirit. What a joy it was to communicate with the spirit of this woman.

Those of us who had difficult times with our mothers when they were alive, and who also take part in the sacred practice of spirit communication, often find that over a period of years we develop the very beautiful relationships with our mothers that we had always yearned for.  Of course mom in spirit cannot take us shopping, but she can help us with our lives and bring the love and healing she was not capable of bringing during her life on earth.

Because mediums are able to bring us evidence that in fact we are in communication with the spirit of mom, we can have it proven to us that we are not involved in a huge fantasy. 

If your mom is in the world of spirit, remember her for all her best qualities on Mother’s Day, and if you were fortunate to have an almost perfect relationship with your Mother, you are very blessed. For the rest of us, let us forgive our mothers as we must forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have made if we ARE mothers.  Mother’s Day is bitter-sweet, and let’s choose the sweet, as sweet is more healing and helps us move onward on the path of unconditional love.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne