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My Connection to Spirit Grows Deeper August 27, 2012

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Feeling Better, Love, mediumship, Spirit Communication.
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Every year that I continue to communicate with the world of spirit, the connection grows deeper and more sacred. In the early years of my mediumship it was all about proving to myself and to others that there really IS a world of spirit and that I, Carole Lynne. could communicate with those in that world.  Years of hard work and anxiety were lived and now after many years of service, the connection is not stressful, I have had the proof I need that there is indeed, a part of each one of us that continues after the change we call “death.”

It took many years of communication before I was able to settle down and feel secure about spirit communication. “How is this possible?” I would ask myself.  The miracle of communication with those who have passed on seemed too good to be true. It was hard for me to believe, even though in reading after reading, clients recognized those spirits who communicated.  Finally a day came for me when I just KNEW that this communication was really happening and that we DO survive death.  At a certain point, even I who consider myself to be level headed and a bit skeptical, had to admit that there was no way for me to be getting all this information about those who had passed on, unless I was REALLY in communication with those in spirit.  Even though I had been a medium for awhile, it still took me time to embrace this miracle and realize that in fact, it is NOT a miracle, but a normal process.  We survive death and therefore we can continue to communicate with our loved ones. This is as natural as flowers blooming.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne