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Many of us eat too much. We are filled with desires and we consume more than our bodies require.  We also eat because we are happy, because we are sad, lonely, bored etc. etc.  We have all kinds of excuses for eating too much.

Here is a beautiful quote by a woman who became known as the Mother.  She is one of the founders of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Society, in Pondicherry, India,

“Physically, we depend on food to live – unfortunately. For with food, we daily and constantly take in a formidable amount of inconscience, of tamas, heaviness, stupidity. One can’t do otherwise – unless constantly, without a break, we remain completely aware and, as soon as an element is introduced into the body, we immediately work upon it to extract from it only the light and reject all that may darken our consciousness. This is the origin and rational explanation of the religious practice of consecrating one’s food to God before taking it. When eating one aspires that this food may not be taken for the little human ego but as an offering to the divine consciousness within oneself. In all yogas, all religions, this is encouraged. This is the origin of that practice, of contacting the consciousness behind, precisely to diminish as much as possible the absorption of an inconscience which increases daily, constantly, without one’s being away of it.”

The Mother 19 April 1951

These words help me and I hope these words help you also.

 Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne