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I wrote this book because many people have called and emailed me about spiritual experiences they are having. Or the loved ones of “emerging psychics” got in touch with me as they were either excited or scared to death by the experiences these emerging psychics were having.  I KNOW that this book will be of great help to anyone having psychic or mediumistic experiences. Click on the book cover, and you will be linked to Amazon where you can read all about this book.

Hope you read it. I wish someone had written this book for me 40 years ago. I could have used it and saved years of anxiety over my psychic gift.

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The Way We Were Then August 18, 2014

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One of the hardest challenges in life is accepting change and that things and relationships never stay the same. Of course we are joyful when the changes are wonderful and beautiful, but when the changes leave us feeling sad and alone, it is difficult to accept change.  When the changes are hard to accept, we want things to be “the way we were then.”  When we are in grief over change: be it the passing of a loved one, be it a change for the worst in a relationship or job, it becomes almost impossible at times, to move on into happiness once again.

Many of us become depressed as we are unable to accept that things are not the way they were, and in our lack of acceptance of the present, we miss all the beautiful things life has to offer RIGHT NOW IN THE MOMENT.

It goes without saying thaCarole Lynne Mauit when a death occurs, no one is going to be able to move into happiness for quite some time. But eventually, even when are in grief over the passing of a loved one, with time and patience, we will learn to accept our new life. We will learn to accept that things can never be the way they were then.

Acceptance and gratitude become our best friends when we are sad.

For many of us the anniversaries of the passing of loved ones or of relationships that ended, set off emotional upheavals. If we know that the anniversary of an upsetting event is coming up, perhaps we can plan something nice to look forward to during the time of the anniversary. In doing so we will be making a statement to ourselves, that even though it is a sad anniversary, it is the anniversary of something that did not happen today, but perhaps long ago.  TODAY we need to find happiness, even as we have sad feelings about the past.

Certain times of the year are more challenging than others.

Let us pray that all of us can find a way to find the blessings in life every day, mo matter what happened in the past. As we create more better days NOW, we are creating better memories to live with a week from now, a month from now and eternally.

Carole Lynne



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Music Washes Stress Away May 29, 2014

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Music, more than anything, helps me change my mood and my level of stress, when I am in one of those “falling apart all over the place” moods. I do not have them often, but they do happen.

Here is a chant that I composed for my students and for myself to listen (and sing along with). This chant is about peace.




Those are a couple of the lines.

Click on the link to go to the Carole Lynne SoundCloud page and listen to “Walk With Me in Peace.”

click here for WALK WITH ME IN PEACE music

Hope you enjoy it.

Carole Lynne






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There are days when I find myself rushing around the house, or rushing from one place to the other in the car. When I stop and ask myself “DO YOU REALLY NEED TO RUSH” the answer is often NO.  I am rushing because it is a habit.

TAKE JUST A COUPLE MINUTES: Listen to this meditation. It helps me and may help you to let go of your thoughts and go into a different state of consciousness.  You may find yourself in touch with your inner spirit (inner voice) that may be so much wiser than your conscious mind. I find when I do this short meditation, I stop rushing so much. I am more aware that I really DO have the time I need.

START SOUND: If Beyond Mind Meditation does not start immediately, click orange button to left above title.

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older-couple-walking.jpg July 9, 2013

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Yesterday the phone rang and it rang again, and each time I answered a call I received news of the passing of someone I know or someone close to someone I know. I also received news of a man who has just entered Hospice Care.  And as I went about my day living the life as a psychic medium, I received calls from clients who wanted to make appointments for readings in the hopes of hearing from their loved ones in spirit.  As I listened to the many tears in the voices of those who called, at first I felt overwhelmed and then I remembered that as we are all born we all die.  Life is a precious time and then it is over.

Awhile back I wrote a song called Roses.  Here is the link. http://snd.sc/ZVTwmd

This link will take you to sound cloud.  Click on the triangle in the orange circle over a song called “Roses”

This song is about life’s passages and when I listen to it, I am helped to remember and accept life and death.


Carole Lynne



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Looking in Our Own Eyes

ALL OF US KNOW THAT WE are what we eat, and exercise can make us feel great. While there are many things we do not control in life, we can control what we eat and how we do or do not exercise. Even when we have limitations there is always SOME kind of exercise we can do.

Today is July 4. Holidays are a great time for us to look into our own eyes and ask ourselves what we can do to have a better life.

Carole Lynne

Psychic Medium and Spiritual Mentor


Why Trim the Tree When He’s Dying? December 11, 2012

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe sat there by the Christmas tree with strands of tinsel in her hands, getting ready to put the tinsel on the branches, one strand at a time as her mother had taught her to do. Her husband lay asleep in the guest bedroom, the hospice nurse by his side.  Outside the snow fell and the branches were weighted down with the heavy wet flakes.

“Why” she wondered “should I bother to trim this tree.  He will not come into the living room to see it and the children live half way across the country.  Perhaps the hospice team will enjoy the tree.  I hope so.

The phone rang and it was a friend who was taking a break from the task of making arrangements for the remains of one of her best friends, to be scattered in the San Francisco Bay.  She talked to her friend, and they laughed about the good old days.  “Life is different these days, isn’t it” they said to each other.   Somehow they knew that even when they were in their sixties, life looked different. Now in the eighties, most of their friends and elderly members of the family were dying.  It was hard to explain what this was like to younger people, as you really do not know what it is like until you are living it.

As these two friends chatted on the phone, they were not depressed or morbid, because by this time they were coming into an acceptance of the nature of life and death.  They had by this time been through the passings of many of those close to them, and they knew how to cope now.  While it was not easy, it was the way things were these days and would continue to be.

When the phone call was completed, she went back to the tree with lighter heart and enjoyed putting the tinsel on the tree, one strand at a time. She smiled as she looked at the beautiful tree.  In a moment she would go in and talk with her husband and he would communicate with her as well as he could. Each second she spent with him these days was a treasure.

“Thank God for tradition” she thought as she trimmed the tree.  The tree gave her hope and was for her the past, the present and whatever the future held for her.

She went to sleep with visions of Christmas, the way it used to be when the kids were little. It was a pleasant memory.

My Connection to Spirit Grows Deeper August 27, 2012

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Every year that I continue to communicate with the world of spirit, the connection grows deeper and more sacred. In the early years of my mediumship it was all about proving to myself and to others that there really IS a world of spirit and that I, Carole Lynne. could communicate with those in that world.  Years of hard work and anxiety were lived and now after many years of service, the connection is not stressful, I have had the proof I need that there is indeed, a part of each one of us that continues after the change we call “death.”

It took many years of communication before I was able to settle down and feel secure about spirit communication. “How is this possible?” I would ask myself.  The miracle of communication with those who have passed on seemed too good to be true. It was hard for me to believe, even though in reading after reading, clients recognized those spirits who communicated.  Finally a day came for me when I just KNEW that this communication was really happening and that we DO survive death.  At a certain point, even I who consider myself to be level headed and a bit skeptical, had to admit that there was no way for me to be getting all this information about those who had passed on, unless I was REALLY in communication with those in spirit.  Even though I had been a medium for awhile, it still took me time to embrace this miracle and realize that in fact, it is NOT a miracle, but a normal process.  We survive death and therefore we can continue to communicate with our loved ones. This is as natural as flowers blooming.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




Receiving All That Is October 8, 2011

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How often do we close off all that is being offered?

How often do we focus on petty things and miss the glory and wonder of what is being offered?

Each day is a miracle to be received if only we will receive it.

How can we transcend the petty moments of life that are a drag on our spiritual foundation? When will we know that when we focus on Divine Consciousness we will find peace?




Cook for Life September 24, 2011

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These days too many of us depend on convenience foods, and do not make time to engage in the art of cooking.  I say “art” as cooking IS an art.  Not being one to like recipes, I find it fun to be creative and discover what dishes I can make with whatever food is around.  Cooking is THE most important thing that we can to do stay healthy.  You know the old expression “You are what you eat!” That is true. 

Any favorite recipes to share?

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne


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