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Why Trim the Tree When He’s Dying? December 11, 2012

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Dreams, Feeling Better, Grief, nature, Spirit Communication, Spiritual Awakening.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe sat there by the Christmas tree with strands of tinsel in her hands, getting ready to put the tinsel on the branches, one strand at a time as her mother had taught her to do. Her husband lay asleep in the guest bedroom, the hospice nurse by his side.  Outside the snow fell and the branches were weighted down with the heavy wet flakes.

“Why” she wondered “should I bother to trim this tree.  He will not come into the living room to see it and the children live half way across the country.  Perhaps the hospice team will enjoy the tree.  I hope so.

The phone rang and it was a friend who was taking a break from the task of making arrangements for the remains of one of her best friends, to be scattered in the San Francisco Bay.  She talked to her friend, and they laughed about the good old days.  “Life is different these days, isn’t it” they said to each other.   Somehow they knew that even when they were in their sixties, life looked different. Now in the eighties, most of their friends and elderly members of the family were dying.  It was hard to explain what this was like to younger people, as you really do not know what it is like until you are living it.

As these two friends chatted on the phone, they were not depressed or morbid, because by this time they were coming into an acceptance of the nature of life and death.  They had by this time been through the passings of many of those close to them, and they knew how to cope now.  While it was not easy, it was the way things were these days and would continue to be.

When the phone call was completed, she went back to the tree with lighter heart and enjoyed putting the tinsel on the tree, one strand at a time. She smiled as she looked at the beautiful tree.  In a moment she would go in and talk with her husband and he would communicate with her as well as he could. Each second she spent with him these days was a treasure.

“Thank God for tradition” she thought as she trimmed the tree.  The tree gave her hope and was for her the past, the present and whatever the future held for her.

She went to sleep with visions of Christmas, the way it used to be when the kids were little. It was a pleasant memory.


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