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Cook for Life September 24, 2011

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These days too many of us depend on convenience foods, and do not make time to engage in the art of cooking.  I say “art” as cooking IS an art.  Not being one to like recipes, I find it fun to be creative and discover what dishes I can make with whatever food is around.  Cooking is THE most important thing that we can to do stay healthy.  You know the old expression “You are what you eat!” That is true. 

Any favorite recipes to share?

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hi aunty!

i DO have a heart healthy recipe!!! a really good veggy
‘fajitas’ recipe

(this can be made w/ organic meats if u like instead… just sub. slivers lo-fat beef,chicken etc…)

i make it out of:
“wild baked tofu”…which can be purchased at a place that has whole organic foods…

(different than plain old tofu… this ingredient can made from scratch at home by marinating firm tofu overnite in a tamari-sauce ,garlic/ rice vinegar [let ur imagination inspire] etc marinade….then bake in a SLOW [no more than @ 150-200 degree] oven for abt. 2hrs till the consistency of cheese)

slice up the tofu in long strips(maybe 1/8th-1/4″ by 2”)
cut up into strips
red,yellow,orange ,green pepper….and purple onion. seasoned w/smashed fresh garlic salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder.& lotsa lime juice……

saute’ all in a small amount of olive oil….
( or water/broth if not using oil…)till barely cooked…
serve this mixture on warmed corn or rice tortillas ….

topped w/…
cut-up cabbage any colors or types ( i always include as many raw veggies in every imaginable color,)
mixed greens of your choice
fresh purple onion
fresh chopped cilantro,
plain yogurt or live cultured sour cream ( instead of pain old supermarketsour cream)
hot sauce/salsa of ur choice … i sometimes make this m’self in a processor ….
fresh tomato.a few dashes apple cider vinegar, lime juice sea salt, tomatillo, cilantro,fresh garlic,onion . green chili pepper or any of the following peppers

( jalapeno pepper which has a medium heat, the guero and anaheim which have a mild heat and the scotch bonnet and habenero which are extremely hot. You should wear gloves when handling hot chiles, the oil can burn your fingers.)

All salsas should be refrigerated for at least a half an hour before serving to let the flavors blend. th

these fajitas are fun to assemble at the table all 2gether for a family meal…..

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