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Will We Meet Again? April 9, 2011

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All elderly people they were: chattering away, and had their little kids been in the room, or even their big kids starting to lose their hair and with widening waist lines, the stories might not have been the same. Comments would have been edited out before leaving the lips of a laughing eighty five year old. Sarcastic remarks might have not left the lips of a sparking ninety year old woman who takes perfect care of herself. They were all attending  a family event. People came from all around the country. What a wonderful week it was as they all shared stories and caught up on the gossip that had laid dormant for many years.  Oh what fun it was to talk about their children, their grandchildren, and in this day and age, their GREAT grandchildren.  Gathered around the dining table, and it was even nice not to have any little kids underfoot.   Plus any small kids might have tripped over walkers and the chords that led to the oxygen tank as they would not have been accustomed to watching out for so many life sustaining health aids.

It was time for everyone to go home. It took longer than usual for people to load their cars.  One 85 year old man with severe knee problems had to move a suit case slowly. Some slightly younger in the room were in conflict as they tried to decide whether to help him or let him have his pride.  No one helped him. Suitcase loaded, and having helped his wife into their car, which by the way he was prepared to drive for several hours, he came back into the room.  Across the room sat his sister who had traveled long and far to see the family.  His look became more intense as he approached her.  His arms went around her, and he fought the tears that he would never show anyone, clown that he is.  He hugged her with a longer hug than ever before, and slowly left the room, wonderful “will we meet again?”

As we get older and visit with our loved ones, the parting becomes bitter sweet as we do not know if we will see each other in person ever again. Yes we will be on the phone, and if we  have caught up with technology we will be on-line, on text, and maybe EVEN on twitter.  But our eyes may never meet again, and our arms may never reach out to each other in a long and intense hug. 

As a psychic medium, I know from experience, that we will meet again and be together eternally.   But life on earth is very special.   This story reminds us to visit each other as much as we can, even if we are younger and think we are invincible.  Life is fragile and one never knows.

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Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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