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Tolle Tells It As It IS April 3, 2011

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Reflect on this quote by Eckhart Tolle: “Find the “narrow gate that leads to life.” It is called Now. Narrow your life down to this moment. Your life situation may be full of problems–most life situations are–but find out of you have any problems at this moment. Not tomorrow or in ten minutes, but now.  Do you have a problem now?” 

What INCREDIBLE advice, and something we have all thought about, but perhaps not in exactly the way Tolle has put it.

Most of the time, we do NOT have a problem at the time, or in this moment. While our desk may be piled high with bills, as we sip our coffee and get ready to pay bills, we do NOT have a problem in this moment, unless we choose to flood our minds with unhappiness about writing the checks. In fact, as we write the checks we do not have a problem. We are simply writing checks.  YES, having a lot of bills IS a problem if we are short on funds to pay all of them, but as we work through the problem, moment to moment, we can still enjoy life unless we choose to be in a bad mood.

Tolle’s words are worth reading every day.  Many of us who worry and fret too much could become much happier people, right now!

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