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Do You Spend Your Time Or Does Time Spend YOU? March 26, 2011

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We hold time in our hands.  How do we spend our time in life? Just as we make choices as to how we spend our money, we make choices as to how we spend our time. Some will cry that they do NOT make choices, but are locked into how they must spend their money and their time, but ultimately in the hardest of conditions, there are still some choices. 

Do we create our quality of life by the way we spend out time?  Or do we let our time spend us, by simply letting things happen to us?

Some of us work all the time in the name of having to make money.  But even in this hard situation, perhaps we are taking too much responsibility, and not insisting that others carry part of the load.  A woman comes to mind who is compromising her health by working too hard, as her adult son lives with her and does no work as he has too many “problems.”  This woman is choosing the situation she is in. She could make other choices about supporting  a son who could be doing work of some kind to contribute to the family income.

Another woman  made a choice not to do the physical therapy. She did not take the time to do her exercises and so she was in a wheel chair for many years, only going out of her house to doctor’s appointments.  Then she decided that instead of spending all her time in a wheel chair, she would spend time exercising at the pool.  Today the wheel chairs are rotting in the side yard, she walks with a cane and is taking a trip to see relatives. She has been making different choices about how to use her time. She is now spending her time wisely.

I have to ask myself each day “How am I spending my time?”   Do you ask yourself the same question?

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1. wheelchairs - April 27, 2011

Do we create our quality of life by the way we spend out time? Or do we let our time spend us, by simply letting things happen to us?

The best answer is that we create the quality of our life…What we have and who we are today is the product of our own effort…There is no such word as “destiny or fate”. I don’t believe on them..Our life is the result of our decision making. Life happens the way we want it if you will work for it.

I spend my time and never let time spends me. LOL..:)

Carole Lynne - September 16, 2011

YOU are right on. Thanks for your comment,

Carole Lynne

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