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Accepting You Are a Medium March 8, 2011

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Author Carole Lynne, Feeling Better, mediumship, Spiritual Awakening.

This weekend I was privileged to teach a mediumship seminar in California and watch several students blossom.  One student has worked with me in several workshops, and each time I see this student , her energy get stronger and her ability to link with the spirit world gets better.  It is scary to this student, as she does not yet fully understand why she is becoming more sensitive to everything in her life.   Smells are stronger, feelings are deeper, insights abound and coincidences happen more often.  As she begins to accept that she has been blessed with the gift of spirit communication, it can be overwhelming.  Questions come to her mind:” Can I lead a normal life if I develop my mediumistic abilities?”

Of course you can I tell her.  And I am telling her the truth. Many of my students have full-time careers in business, the medical field and real estate.  Some students have become full-time mediums but others only do several readings a  month, as they hold full-time jobs.  There are many ways to share the sacred practice of spirit communication.

When Spirit knocks on the door of an individual, all kinds of things begin to happen and one can become confused.

If you are opening to the world of spirit, you might get some insights and support from reading my book “Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World.”  You may see yourself in my story.

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