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Optimism 202 December 3, 2010

Posted by Carole Lynne in Feeling Better, Love, practical action, spirituality in action.

Sick of optimism 101? Let’s move on and create 202: two of this and two of that, two for me and two for you? Ok, let’s go.   Crisis strikes be it a tiny irritating situation or a hard to cope with full on crisis.  What two things can we do?  First of all we can assess the situation to determine what we MUST do, and second we can assess the situation and discover what we CAN do.  Consider the tiny situation of a sprained ankle.  We must get whatever medical attention we need, and then instead of crying and feeling sorry for ourselves because we cannot do everything we usually do, we can discover what we CAN do NOW.  This is the time to find exercises that do not involve the ankle which is difficult BUT doable!  This is the time to start writing the book you have been thinking about but are usually too busy exercising to write. 

Consider a full on crisis such as a loss of your home due to financial difficulties.  In the must do category we have to get out of that house we cannot afford and in the process of doing so, take extra special care of our emotional and physical health.   In the can-do category, this is an opportunity to get rid of a bunch of junk we never use anyway and lighten up our life!  As we down-size our way of living we may be up-grading our personal happiness as we are no longer tied to so many things. Silver lining? YES and always more than one.  Two for you and two for me if we can find them, and we WILL!

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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