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Coping with Grief November 11, 2010

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When a love ones make the transition to the world of spirit, those of us still on the earth plane, experience intense grief.

Grief is one of the hardest things to cope with in life, but cope we must, because as we get older, many people in our lives will enter the world of spirit before we do.  However difficult, there are ways to cope with grief.  Following are some suggestions:

Join a “Grief Group.”  Being with others who are also experiencing grief can be extremely helpful, even though the idea may not be appealing at first. One of my clients said to me “Why do I want to be with all those sad people?” I told her that being with others who are sad would allow her compassion for others to come forward and she would find herself helping others who are in emotional pain.   There is nothing more healing than helping another person.

Invite Distraction:  If you are in emotional pain, you NEED a break. Rent movies, go to a museum or do anything else that will distract you from  your pain. Of course if you watch a movie there will be things that will remind you of the loved one you have lost.  Most likely your relief from  your grief will not be 100%, but right now even 50% relief would be great for you.

Read Positive Books:  While it may make you angry when people suggest that you think positively when you are in grief, that is exactly what you need to do.  Never have you needed positive thinking as much as you do now.  It is only through faith that life will get better someday, that any of us can withstand the heart breaking feelings of grief.  Go to the library, your book shelf or the bookstore and get books by positive authors.  I will suggest one of my book/CD packages that is especially helpful to those in grief. It is called “Heart and Sound.”  Books by Eckhart Tolle will also be good for you at this time.

Know that Life is Eternal: As a psychic medium, I have it proven to me again and again, that when we die, our spirits live on.  Having this knowledge has helped me to understand that my loved ones in the world of spirit are still there for me. I also know they are ok. Those who had cancer do not have cancer anymore. Those who had mental problems, do not have mental problems anymore.  I also know that when it is my time to go to spirit, I will be with my loved ones, and in the meantime, their spirits are around me, watching over me.  If you feel inclined, visit a Spiritualist church as we in the religion of Spiritualism understand that life is eternal and we communicate with those who have passed on. You do not have to be a Spiritualist to attend a service.

Take Extra Care of Yourself: When you are in deep grief, you must do everything you can to take good care of yourself.  This is the time to eat healthy food, exercise and get enough sleep.  Take a look at your schedule and make sure that you have time to do what you need to do for yourself.  Also make time to be with the people you feel comfortable with. In some cases, you may have to take a trip to spend time with a family member or close friend.

Grief is DIFFICULT to cope with and if you want to cope you need to WORK HARD to cope.   You cannot allow yourself to be wrapped in your grief 24/7. Know that your loved one in spirit would not want you to do that.  Our loved ones who have passed on, want us to live happily for the rest of our lives. 

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne




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