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Some friends of mine who have serious health conditions have lived for years in good health, due to great medical help AND because they have done all the right things to help themselves: diet, exercise and positive thinking.  At times some of these friends tell me how their doctors say they are walking miracles.

I have other friends who simply give in to their physical and mental challenges and I watch them go down hill quickly.  Of course there are terminal illnesses where it becomes obvious that the end of physical life is near.  But in numerous cases, we have a lot of control over our heath.

I like to call on what I call the “cosmic healing energy.”  That label works for me, but this healing could be called by many other names.  For instance, when I feel a cold coming on,  I picture myself surrounded by this energy and I mentally fight that cold with every ounce of positive thinking I can find within. I simply say “no” to the cold.  Most of the time I do not get sick, and within a couple hours or at least by the next day I feel just fine. I am knocking on wood as I share this story!  But I want to share this story as I have been taught positive thinking and personal responsibility as I have studied within the religion of Spiritualism.  We do not believe anyone can save us except ourselves, and our happiness or unhappiness is the result of our actions.

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