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Time to Calm Down August 1, 2010

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Do you ever feel like you are trying to catch a train that is somehow always too far ahead of you to catch? Do you feel like the list of things you have to do is just too long? I am learning that when I feel this way I have to stop everything and calm down.  No matter what I am doing, I have to stop it. If I am driving I have to pull off the road and relax. If I am working, I need to take a break as soon as possible.  Perhaps I will need to change my plans in order to calm down.

Calming down takes time and if I fill up all my time, then there is no flexibility in my schedule.  And when there are no spaces to do nothing, there is no time to calm down if I need to.

As I look at my schedule I am beginning to leave more time to do nothing. If I am feeling great and energetic, there are always things that I can do.  THAT will be no problem. There are things that need to get done, and then things that I enjoy and feel passionate about doing.

I am finding that as I leave more “spaces” in my schedule, things still get done.  But it may take me two months to get done what I would have done in one month.  So what!  All we have is time. Life IS time.  If you are I are rushing around all the time, then we do not experience the time we have.  We always feel as if we are behind schedule.  We are running as we try to catch up with time, and yet all we have to do to find time, is to stop and notice the present moment.

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