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Want a Reading? But What Kind? July 28, 2010

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In my role as a psychic medium I talk to people every day who want a reading.  Depending on a person’s experience, cultural background and education regarding readings, the expectations of people are all over the place.   It is clear that the general public needs to understand that there are many kinds of readings available, and beyond that must also understand that readers each have their own style. It is also clear that those of us who give readings must make sure before booking an appointment, that the prospective client is informed about what to expect in the reading.

As readers we have extremely different perspectives on what a reading should be.  This makes it extremely confusing for those who seek readings.  And yet, it would be impossible to standardize our readings as one thing we as readers can most likely agree on is that Spirit works with us in different ways.  We are not able to mass produce our readings and thank the Lord, that we cannot.  A good reading is mystical and the reader is able to bring through messages from loved ones, spiritual guidance and inspiration. This cannot be standardized.  Although education for readers is extremely important as we can learn how to best use the spiritual gifts we have been given, at some point we will not individually be able to follow all the rules and guidelines we have learned from our human teachers, as ultimately the Spirit Within each reader will be the most important teacher.

So what is the person who wants to get a reading to do? How can people know what kind of reading to get and which reader to choose?

After answering questions about readings on the phone for many years, I said to myself one day “You know Carole, what you need to do is write a small book for the people who want to understand more about readings.   And so I wrote “How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic Medium.”  I ask people who are confused about readings, to read this book and then call me back with any additional questions.  I also ask those who are going to have a reading with me, to read the book before hand as they will then come into our readings as an oriented client, rather than a disoriented client.  I am likely to do a much better job with a client who knows what is going on.

Some of my colleagues now keep a stack of How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic Medium in their offices.  They find that this book helps their clients.   Consider reading this book if you want to get a reading, and if you are a reader, consider offering it to your clients.  The price offered by the publisher Weiser Books is very reasonable at $7.95 and most can afford to buy it.  The information in this book is extremely helpful to both clients and readers. You can order this book from any bookstore, on www.amazon.com, www.carolelynne.com and at the www.weiserbooks.com

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1. newagedeception - September 17, 2010

Hi there,

I was born with mediumship abilities. This is what I learned about spirit guides.


I had many abilities and did a lot of platform work.

Me talking about mediumship:

Take care,

Gaz Parker

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