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Loss With Plastic Surgery July 23, 2010

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You have alot to lose when you have plastic surgery. Of course there are good reasons to have plastic surgery when you have enlarged breasts that give you back pain, physical problems due to poorly formed parts of the body, and trans gender issues for people who are diagnosed by a doctor as a candidate for trans gender operations.  But unless you have a real physical need for plastic surgery, consider what you lose when you have surgery for purely cosmetic reasons: you lose the opportunity to fully find out who you are.  While you may not like all the wrinkles in your face as you grow older, if you erase those wrinkles through surgery, you will never know yourself as the older person you really are.

I have a little bump on the part of my nose that is nearest my forehead. My mother wanted me to have a nose job when I was a child so that I could be totally beautiful.  I refused as I felt that I would never look like myself again.  My features are not that of a model, but I am me.  My mother also wanted me to have a large strawberry birthmark removed from my leg, and I refused because this was MY birthmark.  Had it been on my face, I think I would have had it removed.   But this birthmark is not placed in a manner that really requires plastic surgery.  Or course when one ages terribly, there is good reason to have plastic surgery.  If my eyelids continue to drop or my neck becomes part of my chest, I may have plastic surgery, but otherwise, unless I age badly or cannot see, I am not going to have plastic surgery on my face in order to look younger.  I do not want to lose who I am.  Plus I am tired of looking at women who look like they have stockings pulled across their face.  These women who have had alot of plastic surgery do not look like real human beings to me.  They look like their faces have been created. I do not want to look like that.

I realize many who read my words will not agree with me, but I ask you to think twice about how much you really need plastic surgery before you decide to change your appearance, lose the opportunity to be yourself  and take the risk that any kind of surgery involves.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne




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