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My Husband Had a Postnoggative Dream June 27, 2010

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This morning when my husband told me about a dream he had, I tried, as any psychic medium would, to tell him what his dream may have meant.  He had dreamt that he was in a location where he asked a woman if she knew where a general store was in town, because when he travels he does not like to go to speciality stores. He likes to go to a local, general store.  When I asked him what the dream meant, he said he did not know. “Well” I began, “you might have had a precognitive dream, which means that one day you will have this actual conversation with this woman, or you may have experienced spiritual sleep-travel: your spirit traveled during your sleep and had a conversation with this woman.” My husband would have none of this, and interrupted me and said “NO, I had a postnoggative dream.” Expecting to hear something new,  I asked him “what is a postnoggative dream?” He replied “The kind of dream after you’ve been hit on the head.”  I did not carry the conversation any further LOL.

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