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Coping with Grief June 11, 2010

Posted by Carole Lynne in All About Spirit, Feeling Better, Grief, Love, nature, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Priority.
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Let us not be afraid to face our grief.  Grief is no fun: in fact it can make us feel sick to our stomachs, like fainting, and can ruin our lives totally if we do not learn how to cope with it. Just as joy is part of human life: so is grief.  None of us can escape it in our lives and so we must learn how to cope with grief.

As a psychic medium I talk to many people who are in deep grief over the loss of loved ones who have passed on.  Death causes grief for the living and there are also others things that cause grief.  As I look into my own life and the lives of my friends, I find that all of us experience grief over many kinds of situations: divorce, illness, separation, prejudice, lack of understanding among those we love.  The list of the situations that cause deep grief goes on and on. What to do? How to cope? Who to listen to? Does anyone really have the answer on how we can best cope with grief?

In my experience with myself and with others: grief is a very personal and individual matter.  It is not possible to tell someone how to cope with grief.  While suggestions can be made,  there is no one process that will work for everyone. Hopefully grief causes each one of us to searh our souls for the meaning of life.  In the best of times we can look grief straight in the eyes and cope.  Those of us who shove our grief into a place where we cannot feel it, often push all of our other feelings away too, and find ourselves unable to experience much of anything.  While it is not a good idea to dwell on our grief, avoiding it entirely can become an emotional disaster.

My prayer is that each one of us can find ways to share our grief so that we do not have to be alone with it.  My hope is that we can talk to each other and not feel ashamed of feeling sad.  While some of us like to project an attitude that says “I am always happy” in my humble opinion most people who project that attitude are fooling themselves.
They are not facing all of the dimensions of the human experience, and as they push away grief, they may also be pushing many other feelings into the unknown.

Let us face ourselves with our grief and in doing so also find the happiness and joy that comes with honesty.  As we look within we will find all kinds of things and that is what life is all about.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne




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