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How to GET THINGS DONE in 3 Steps June 8, 2010

Posted by Carole Lynne in Dreams, Feeling Better, Love, practical action, Spiritual Education, Spiritual Priority.
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My mother was a writer in Los Angeles and she told me that some people sit around Beverly Hills coffee shops and talk about writing, while others stay at home and write.  And my mother was, excuse the pun, RIGHT!  There are those of us who talk about it and those of us who do it.

Here are three steps to GET THINGS DONE:

Step One Dream and Imagine: Spend several days having visions of a project you want to create.   Daydream and encourage yourself to dream about this project when you go to sleep, as the sleeping mind is incredibly creative!  Talk to people about your ideas and welcome suggestions from others.  As you dream and fantasize about what you want to do, let this be an exciting and creative time. For instance, if you are going to build a cabinet, this is the time to imagine all the different kinds of woods you could use, the different size cabinets you could build, and the different finishes you might use on the cabinet.

But after three days of daydreaming and talking to others about your ideas, END step one and move onto step two.

Step Two Plan and Organize: Grab a notebook and create a file on your computer to put your project plans in writing. Make a list of the tools and supplies needed, create a schedule of work days to complete this project.  Take your supplies list and go to the store, or if it is information you need to gather before working on the project, gather it NOW.  If you are building a cabinet, this would be the time to go buy the wood, the cabinet door hinges and the finishing stains or glosses.

Step Three Avoid Distractions and  Complete the Project: It is time to focus, focus and focus again and again. The planning is over, the supplies are at hand and now the hardest job you have to do is to avoid the distractions that can keep you from completing the job. Up until now it has been fun and exciting as you have enjoyed your creative ideas and laughed and talked with people about your ideas.  Now it is time to stop daydreaming and talking to others and actually DO the work.  If your mind starts to bring you more and more ideas for other projects, tell your mind that right now you are working on THIS project.  And if your terribly creative mind will not stop bringing new ideas, then keep a Project Ideas notebook handy and write down those ideas QUICKLY and get back to work on the project at hand.

If you are building a cabinet, now you will cut the wood,  build the cabinet and apply the finishing stain or paint.  In other words, you will DO the work. You are not creating the idea, you are not gathering supplies: you are DOING the work.

And when you finish you will feel the incredible satisfaction that completing a job brings.   At this moment, and not a moment before, congratulate yourself.  But NO pats on the back until the job is finished. Remember that almost there is NOT there.

Follow these three important steps and you will GET THINGS DONE.

Spiritual Teacher and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne




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