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TOMORROW I will stop procrastinating! (right!!) May 31, 2010

Posted by Carole Lynne in Dreams, Feeling Better, Love, practical action, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Priority, Uncategorized.

Tomorrow I will go on a diet, tomorrow I will exercise, tomorrow I will start cleaning up my kitchen at night before going to bed, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.  For the procrastinator, tomorrow never comes.

All of us have what I like to call, many “energetic modules” within us.  Each one is a part that expresses itself in a different way.  Perhaps if we think about procrastination as an “energetic module” that gets in our way, we can simply visualize this difficult module and either transform it into a module of action, or simply let it go and dissipate the energy of procrastination.

Procrastination is one of the most difficult problems we face in our lives and can get in the way of having good health, a balanced life and good relationships.  Procrastination can get in the way of successful careers.  We have become a people who believe that if we “feel” something, then whatever we feel should guide us.  But our feelings are contained in the emotional part of each one of us, and while our emotions are terribly important, if we let them rule our lives, we are in great trouble.  There is another part of us, the spirit or the higher consciousness that often knows better than our emotions.  Each one of us is a spirit that is a spark of Divine Consciousness, and if we can quiet ourselves and listen to the spark of the Divine, we will often get much better advice than we will if we listen to our emotions.

Let us look carefully at what is going on whenever we say “I will do it later, I will do it tomorrow.”  Obviously there ARE things that need to be put off as we cannot do everything in one day and we need to rest. But let us look and see if our statements about wanting to do it later or tomorrow should be listened to or not. If we can become honest with ourselves, we will begin to recognize it when we are caught in the energy of procrastination.  If we can break out of this negative energy, we will be able to proceed on the spiritual path.  We will become empowered and in control of our lives.  We will be able to do what is good for ourselves and good for others. This is what spiritual evolution is all about.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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