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Relaxation 101 (or should it be 911) May 13, 2010

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Sometimes our schedules become so overloaded, that it is time to take a course in relaxation.  While we KNOW that time off is important, sometimes we don’t  realize how crowded our calendars become.  YES, there IS an open space on the calendar, but do we take the time to look and see what other appointments are close to this open space, before booking yet another appointment? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This is something to ponder!

Let’s take time to consider relaxation 101 before we are forced into relaxing because we have played ourselves out and become ill.   Most of us have become ill and looked back and realized that we have done ourselves in.   We have dug a hole and fallen right into it.

Of course we need to focus and accomplish our goals, but let’s set reasonable time lines, and not try to push ourselves into speeding to the finish line.  We have the rest of our lives to accomplish our goals.

We do not have to be in a race with anyone. We do not have to compete with anyone.  If we are trying too hard to be successful, let us have a good heart to heart talk with our egos, and ask the ego to consider the importance of the heart.  Let us calm down. Let us breathe deeply.  Let us relax.

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