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Self Improvement = Patience May 11, 2010

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In my experiences as a channel between 1987 and 2010, one of the things I have been shown over and over again by the Energy that flows through me when I channel, is that to do spiritual work, I must improve myself.  This takes GREAT patience.  The symbol of the camel has come through many times to help me develop patience. Following is an excerpt from a channeling session.

The camel strides across the desert patiently.

The camel is in for the long haul.

The camel cannot afford, in the heat in which it is walking, to waste any energy on nonsense.

The camel knows that the journey is long and that he will outlive many others who hurry, scurry, and worry.

You are the camel striding across the desert.

You must not carry extra baggage with you or you will not be able to make the journey.

You cannot worry about how long it is going to take you or the particular quality of each day, because the days are long and the distance is far that you are going.”

I am continually guided that in order to work well for the Divine: one must know that the physical body houses the spirit and must be taken care of.  And all of us, no matter what style of life we live, need to take care of ourselves. This of course requires discipline and patience.

When self improvement is discussed with my students, some complain that it will take SO long to lose weight,  get the benefits of exercise etc etc.  But the question is “what kind of quality of life will these students have if they do not take care of themselves? And how much more joyful it is to live each day moving forward and knowing that you are getting better and better.  Unless one is in the last days of life and there is nothing more that can be done for the physical body, there is always hope and an opportunity to improve.

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