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What Language Does Spirit Speak? May 5, 2010

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As a psychic medium, I do many readings for people where I communicate with the spirits who are from many different cultures and have spoken  many different languages.  When I first began to do readings, I said to a client “Your brother in spirit says that…….” and then I continued to repeat what I heard to my client. I felt I was hearing the exact words of the spirit.

Over the years I have done many readings where the spirits who have come through, did not speak English when they were living.  Yes, I hear what they are saying in English.  While names and short phrases may have come to me in a language I did not understand, but my client could translate, for the most part the messages from those who have come through who never spoke English, have come to me in English.

This experience has taught me that those in spirit are sending me information and messages in what I choose to call “energetic thought forms” and through the grace of the Infinite Spirit, these forms reach me through a spiritual telepathy, which the higher part of my consciousness is then able to understand in English. The thought is then “delivered” to my conscious mind in English, so that I can deliver the message to my client from a loved one in spirit.

I know that as a community of mediums, we all have different and varied experiences. Some mediums truly feel that they are hearing the exact words of spirit, whereas I feel I receive the words in thought forms, and then they are expressed in human language.  For me, those in spirit are now in a different spiritual form and they are not speaking to me or each other in words, but with a kind of spiritual telepathy that is far beyond words and language as we know it.  As a new medium, it felt to me as if the spirits I communicated with were like duplicates of human beings.  But the more experience I have as a medium, the more I am under the impression that while the spirits of those who communicate are individual spirits, they are now in a different form as they have evolved beyond physical life.

There are many interesting questions about how spirit communicates with us.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how spirit communicates. Please feel free to comment and share with all of us.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





1. kathy - March 24, 2014

i think for the most part youre very educated and accurate interpretation of spiritual communication makes sense, and is correlative with how it actually works. im somewhat curious as to know how you know which is which, some does go without saying but how do you know exactly and distinctly which communication is authentically the spirit person speaking to you, and when you know that how do you get to be able to hear it so distinctly that it makes sense. you said that you’ve studied for years so thats probably also why but is it also a rare gift or technique that not everybody can know? is it a potentially advancing ability that can be honed. if you can answer lovely and if not thats still quite considerate and informative of you to write this very interesting and enlightening article

Carole Lynne - August 19, 2014

Kathy, it takes years of study and practice to feel confident that the messages you are getting are authentic. I do not mind that it takes time. What is more upsetting is when people just assume they are getting authentic messages without getting validation from the people they are reading for. You asked if spirit communication is a rare gift? I think that almost everyone is intuitive to some degree and many people are psychic, but I have not met too many great mediums in my lifetime. There ARE great mediums but not too many. However, a person who has mediumistic talent should keep practicing because it could be that eventually he or she will be one of the great mediums!!!! And this is a blessing, as great mediums help people SO much.

2. Drew - August 20, 2014

Perhaps mediums that believe they are hearing the exact words of the spirit just aren’t aware of the process behind receiving the words IF these “short phrases” have a meaning that is somehow unique to the spoken language.

If the short phrases have a duplicate meaning in English and they still speak in a different language, it seems to me that may be wrong here — the spirits are only speaking to you in English because they know that’s the language you’re most familiar with.

To you understand this logic? By the way, couldn’t you just ask a spirit about the process? Or maybe some are as clueless the living about how it’s done, they just do it.

Carole Lynne - December 8, 2014

I feel that I am receiving energy that is converted by my nigher mind or with the help of those in spirit, into language I can understand. I am feeling what the vibrations are trying to tell me. This can be a very hard topic to discuss, as we do not really know too much about HOW spirit communication is DONE but we have much proof that we DO communicate because of the evidence we get.

Yes, I could ask spirit how it is done, but as there is no one to verify what I get, I will not know if I have the right answer or not. I like verification whenever possible.

Thanks for you comment.

3. arkaprabha1 - April 11, 2016

I too had a conversation a spirit from the Goetia called Amon. He claimed himself to be either the nameless one, or the one having names (which are not his at all) given by people who summon him. He is currently in this plane, as he told me; guiding someone, he found Dear, and calls him his vessel. When asked to talk to someone else, he possesses that vessel and speaks to the 3rd party. He told me that spirits who don’t know anything about the physical plane and earth, had to learn English from the interpreter spirits, who actually work by sending the converted pulse of energy of the spirit language into the human mind’s higher consciousness from where the human telepathy system takes over. He also said that new spirits whom he brought to earth spoke a language called Amorren. My question is, is this authentic? And secondly, could it be, that Amorren might be a language?

Carole Lynne - July 17, 2016

Anything is possible. If you read my book COSMIC CONNECTION, you will read about my own experiences channeling.

I am a person who wants PROOF and that is why I do evidential mediumship because I experience proof that there are loved ones who have survived. We cannot prove what we channel in the same way that we can prove that we are in connection with a particular loved one who give evidence. SO, the way I cope with my own channeling is to see what the messages I receive teach me. I look at how I experience life as I channel. In COSMIC CONNECTION, I hope to help readers have a somewhat analytical view as they evaluate their channeling experiences. HOWEVER, no matter what we THINK about what we have channeled, the proof for me is in how the channeled messages feel to me on a soul level.

4. Dee - July 1, 2016

I have heard voices drives my wife mad, sometimes I have also seen things as shapes of people even animals such as a cat. I have also passed out a couple of times before but when this happens I have been watching watching myself have a conversation with people I have never met, even described this person to my mate that was there and found out it was his gran as he got a picture of her out to show me. Its strange as when I passed out they said it was like I had a fit I got checked out with scans and test but nothing. But I did warn my friend that he should cut smoking as his heart was going to give him problems as his gran told me. Is there any way to help these become easier to do if you understand what I mean.

Carole Lynne - July 17, 2016

It is very difficult for me to give you good advice in a blog. If you are having all the experiences, try to find a local medium or energy worker who can help you figure out what is going on.

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