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The Recognition of Each Souls Existence April 30, 2010

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Each one of us is a unique individual, while at the same time we are all part of the One.  Following is an excerpt from a channeling session published in Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World.

The following words remind me that each one of us can be of service to ourselves and the world in our own unique and original manner.


The moon serves the earth.

Life in many forms is available for service.

The moonside of your heart is available.

Open the petals one by one, and service shall flow from the center.

Sometimes service is waiting quietly and doing nothing.

Often the highest service is no action of any kind,

But simply the recognition of each soul’s existence.

Honor the beauty of each soul, and the service will begin to flow

as a natural stream flows down a mountain.

Service can be found in all areas of life.

It does not need to be organized always.

Go today and experience the beauty of the universe.

That is all.

End of excerpt

As I go through my spiritual journey, it does feel as if the petals are opening one by one, and each time a new petal opens, a new spiritual adventure begins.

I feel grateful for the ever expanding spiritual path.

Psychic Medium and Author Carole Lynne





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