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Calm IS the Answer April 22, 2010

Posted by Carole Lynne in Uncategorized.

While we cannot all lay in the grass all day with flower petals around us, calm IS the answer.  Every day there are opportunities for us to get upset and let our emotions be dragged around, IF we let that happen.  There is always a choice as to how we react to any situation.  Of course there are exceptions, and when emergencies occur we are not always going to stay completely calm until we have taken some kind of action. But most of the time we are not in emergency situations and we have a great deal of control as to how we respond to every minute of our lives.

So how CAN we remain calm and peaceful?

  • Remember that what ever is happening at the moment, it is ONLY a moment and it will pass.  When someone says something that could potentially upset you, remember that the other person is making the remark, not you.  You do not need to fight back or retaliate.
  • When you feel an upset coming on, take three deep breaths. As you inhale repeat in your mind “Inhale Peace.”  As you exhale, repeat in your mind “Exhale agitation.”  Remind yourself that each day of your life is precious, and that you do not want to spend your life agitated and upset.
  • Realize that the loving Spirit is always with you and will love and support you no matter what life brings.  Know that you are in charge of your emotions and with the help of Spirit, you will be empowered to leave a positive life.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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