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Bad Mood Remedies April 6, 2010

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We all have bad moods, and there is nothing to be gained by pushing down our upset feelings.  But there is also nothing to be gained by allowing a bad mood to create a bad day today, and perhaps tomorrow and the next day.  So what to do? How about setting a time limit on a bad mood? We set time limits on other activities in our life don’t we?  I propose a time limit on bad moods, as a bad mood can be SO intense, it can take over the day, and many days to come, if we do not set some limits.

But how? It is easy to set a time limit on how much television to watch or how many hours to spend on the computer.  It is easy to create time to do good things for ourselves such as exercise and cooking healthy meals.  But how can we create time limits for bad moods?  First of all we do not know when a bad mood with show up and whap us into a state of mind where it is hard to think rationally.  It is hard to take positive actions when we are feeling so negative. So what to do?

WE need a plan.   We need a plan that resembles an emergency plan: a plan that you learn and practice so that if an emergency occurs and it is difficult to think straight, you just follow the emergency plan.  What we need is a emergency plan.  THAT is IT!

HOW TO LIMIT A BAD MOOD: Here is a suggestion. I would also ask you to comment with your own suggestions so that we can all learn from each other.

When I am in a bad mood, I need to take a step back and view my behavior as if I were another person.  As I do this I become the observer of myself and this helps me to understand that whatever is bothering me has bothered many others and is simply part of life.  When I wrote Consult Your Inner Psychic, many messages from Spirit came through that helped me alot. I  would like to share a message about the Observer with you.

 Excerpt from Consult Your Inner Psychic

” I am taking myself much too seriously. When I am with those I love, I find that I am easily frustrated and get agitated easily. Sometimes I express this agitation, and sometimes I let it bubble inside, making those around me extremely uncomfortable.

At this time, I have lost the ability to practice detachment. I have lost the ability to observe myself without emotion. Instead I am reacting quickly and with great passion to every little thing that happens in my daily life. I feel that I am prone to quick decisions, sudden anger, frequent tears, and confusion.

In this moment, I need to step back from so much emotional involvement in my life and move toward cultivating the role of the Observer in my life. Right now I need to call that part of myself which is the “witness” and ask that this part of me play a greater role in my everyday life.”

I hope you will find that message as helpful as I have.

How about a 15 to 30 minute time limit on a bad mood, and then it is time to do something to make ourselves happy? Sometimes just gazing at a beautiful flower can bring happiness.

How do YOU cope with bad moods? Please share with our readers by making a comment.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





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