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Grief and Happiness March 21, 2010

Posted by Carole Lynne in Feeling Better, Grief, Love, Spiritual Priority.
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Acceptance is the key to coping with grief.   There are some things that we cannot change, such as the passing of a loved one, or the failure of an important relationship.   In the normal course of life on earth, all that can be counted on is change.  It is difficult, it is tearful and there is never a good reason to push our feelings under the rug and pretend that all is happiness and bliss.  There is also never a good reason to become victims of our grief. It is possible for any one of us to experience deep feelings of sadness, and then an hour later have a wonderful time.  We do not need to stay stuck on our grief and in fact I often advise my clients who are experiencing deep sorrow, to take “grief breaks.”  Take a walk, watch a funny movie,  dance around the room or clean out that closet you have been meaning to clean out for months (or years?).

When speaking to a client last night she wanted to know when all these bad things were going to stop happening, and I said that everything that was happening to her were normal things that happen to us all, and in fact, these things would never stop happening.  People would continue to become ill and pass on, there would continue to be occasional problems at work, but that did not mean that she could not have a wonderful and positive life if she wanted to.

Our “problems” do not have to ruin our lives unless we let them.  Each one of us can choose to have a positive attitude.  While coping with feelings of grief we can still have a positive attitude. We cannot allow ourselves to become victims because we have challenges.

Life is a mixed bag as we all know.   When there are opportunities for happy moments, grab them.  Happiness is there for you, just as grief is.  It is all a matter of balance.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne





1. Faye - Spiritual Personal Growth - March 27, 2010

I really enjoyed this article, and so agree. We are always faced with a choice regardless of what transpires in our life. Acceptance of the death of a loved one results in a sense of ‘surrender.’ Surrendering to ‘what is’ can bring us peace and comfort during difficult times.
When my brother died it was through the act of acceptance of his death and surrendering to the fact that he was physically absent from my life, that created the open channel through which I was able to communicate with him. As long as I stayed mired in my grief, in essence ‘fighting’ against my present reality, that portal to the divine would have remained tightly closed.

2. Beth - April 26, 2010

Faye, I lost my brother too, at the age of 21. His death was hard to come to grips with, but caused my psychic medium abilities to awaken and show me what my true path is. He never fails to let me know he is around me when I need him. My story is on lightofbrian . com

Beth Berry

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